Recitation Project / Assignment #1

A Personal Homepage

Due: Friday January 26 @ 11:55pm

Create your personal website in your CS account.

Presuming you do not currently have a homepage on your CS Department account, these are the basic instructions for creating such a file:

  • cd
  • mkdir public_html
  • chmod a+x ./public_html
  • cd public_html

Create one homepage with file name "index.html". Have it include style directives from a "style.css" file. You page must include a header, a footer and a main content body. It must also include a right side navigation element.

Also, your page must contain one or more examples of the following HTML constructs, in other words, tags.

  1. Title of the page.
  2. Meta tags for author, description and keywords.
  3. An image is required. We would greatly prefer it be a picture of youself, but this is not required.
  4. Links to other sites on the side navigation bar.
  5. At least on instance of a list.

Your CSS file should redefine:

  1. The default font color and the font family of the HTML body.
  2. Border styling attributes for the image.
  3. The style of link (anchor).
  4. Background of your page.
  5. Placement and size of your image.

You will submit a single tar file "eid.tar" with all the required files. Submission will be through Canvas.

To do this assignment, please use a text editor or very simple editor like gedit and type all the necessary tags by hands. Please do not use any web development application to create your home page. Your work will be tested with Chrome on department machines.

If you already have a personal homepage in the Department, then you may choose one of two options:

  1. Improve your existing site for this assignment
  2. Put the site you make for this assignment in a subdirectory named 'ct310'
Grading Criteria:
  1. Your HTML and CSS should not be generated by any web development appilcation.
  2. CSS file should be a separate file.
  3. Your site should appear as your Department Homepage or be obviously reachable from it (15 points).
  4. 5 points per each HTML tags listed above (30 points).
  5. 7 points per each CSS definitions in “style.css” (35 points).
  6. Navigation between two web pages (10 points).
  7. W3C validation (10 points).

Here is the simple example, which you can refer: Template (Zip File).