Recitation Project / Assignment #2

Expand Your Personal Web Site

Due: Friday Feb 9, 2018 - 11:55pm

Assignment 2 builds on Assignment 1 by imposing additional constraints on the look, feel and structures of your home page. It will also be necessary to have a 3 page rather than a 1 page site. How much you start over and how much you re-use depends on your own work style. You will also set up the PHP framework that we will use for the group projects.

For this assignment, you will create two seperate version of a three page web site. Each version will contain a homepage named "index.php" and two additioal pages named. "other1.php" and "other2.php". The three pages have in common a header, a footer and a nav tag. For now, the code for these three components will simply be cut and pasted into each of the three pages. (You will see down the road how PHP templates might make this easier.)

The two seperate versions will reside in their own sub-folders (you need not alter your main page, however you may choose to if you like one of these designs better). They will be described as the `east' and `west' versions. Please simply name the sub-folders `east' and `west'. Try to keep the HTML as similar as possible simply so your own workload is manageable. That said, as you read the requirments recognize some of the changes will be easiest if you make judicious changes to the HTML.

In the East version,

  • Content width is fixed (say 800 pixels)
  • Content becomes centered if page is wider than necessary
  • Navigation is across the top

In the West version,

  • Content fills 90% of the available width
  • Content has a min-width of 600 pixels
  • Navigation is along the left border

On both versions,

  • Header must be a single line of text
  • Have at least three Navigation links: home and the other 2. Links must not be underlined and must respond visually to `hover'.
  • You pick the title and contents of the pages - there should be at least two paragraphs of text on each page.

There is tag in HTML for quoted material (blockquote). If you do not feel like writing from scratch a lot of text, you may quote with attribution from Wikipedia where the license is ammenable. By attribution, we mean both a link to the page of origin and also the governing license.

Please make use of these color palettes for East and West versions. You may simply add pure white and pure black to either palette and you may wish to do this in order to have text standout clearly.

Huge Hint - you are actually only writing three pages of HTML with possibly minor variations. All styling is handled in the east versus west style sheets.

To structure this assignment, there must be two folders, one ‘east’ and one ‘west’ In each will reside index.php, other1.php, other2.php and style.css. Note, you are being asked to use the .php suffix even though you need not use any PHP commands. Should you wish to, you may include PHP commands.

You will submit a single tar file "lastname.tar" with all the required files. Submission will be through Canvas.

To do this assignment, please use a text editor and type all the necessary tags by hands. Please do not use any web development application to create your home page. Your work will be tested with Chrome on department machines.

Part 2 - Fuel

In a subdirectory named ct310 (~eid/ct310/), install and have working Fuel PHP. You will be guided through this process in lab. If you had previously put your course assignment site at ct310/index.html, move it to a subfolder named 'north' (So, you will have ~eid/north/index.html and ~eid/east/... and ~eid/west/...)


None at this time

Grading Criteria:
  1. Page layout and constarints met as explained (40 points)
  2. Navigation between three web pages (20 points)
  3. Well balanced use of color pallettes (10 points).
  4. W3C validation (10 points).
  5. Fuel Test Page successful in ct310 subdirectory (20 points)