Assignment #4

Fuel Migration Dashboard

Due: Friday April 13, 2018 - 11:55pm

You will make a web GUI dashboard for your fuel migrations.

Here are the requirements.

  • Page is available at ~eid/ct310/index.php/migrations/index
  • That page shows the status of all migrations in the system
  • An authenticated admin user (project 2 admin) can run these migrations up/down or update to current
  • Non-admin users can see the migration status
  • Non-admin users can see a div on the page that dynamically shows the create table statement for the table `test` that is being altered (Just for gradingm, see below)

To make this look nice, you will need to invent a naming scheme for all of your migration files and also have fields in that file that specify the version number and a description of the migration. To aid in grading, you will make 3 migrations as follows:

  • Create a table called `test` that has at least 7 columns of varying types (run down drops this table)
  • Remove one of those columns from the table (run down will add it back in)
  • Alter one of the column's types in some significant way (change INT to VARCHAR or similar)

Addendum - Updated April 11

  • Clarification on the showing create table statement, that is only for table `test` and is only for grading THIS assignment.
  • The migration "name" is something like "Adds table test" or "Remove column x from table test"
  • The version number is anything you want, as long as it is sortale and update to current runs migrations in order.