Fuel Templated Views

Expand Your Personal Web Site with templates

For this assignment, you will take your East/West pages and modify them to use View Templates

General Idea

For each general HTML page layout that you used in East and West (this might be just one layout, or might be 2, 3 or more), you will make a Fuel view template for the common items on those pages. You will then make individual small views for each of the different content inside these pages. If you don't have a standard layout, make one now.

East West Controller

Now, make a fuel controller called "EastWest" and make controller actions for each page that you have in your East/West (there were at least 3 required). Each controller action is going to set up the template and add the correct content to the page, then render it out and send it as an HTTP response. For now, pick either East or West and have all of the pages use that style.

East/West option

Now, have your controller take a parameter (GET request parameter) called "direction" which the user will set to either "east" or "west" (case does not matter!). Based on this parameter, load the appropriate stylesheet in the template.

  • Your landing page must be available at ~EID/ct310/fuelviews/index.php/eastwest/index
  • Style defaults to either East or West, your choice
  • Adding the "direction" GET parameter results in loading the appropriate stylesheet
  • Everything is templated using Fuel PHP Views and Templates


Submit your code in a .tar file, including only files from the "fuel" directory that you changed, but keeping the directory structure intact. We want to be able to easily find your code, while not being distracted by unchanged files, when grading.

Please make sure code is hosted and reachable at https://cs.colostate.edu:4444/~YOUR_EID/ct310/fuelviews/index/eastwest . This will expedite the grading process.