jQuery Load

Use jQuery load() to do something interesting

For this assignment, you will make a series of .html files that make use of $(...).load() in an interesting way

General Idea

Create a form control of some kind that, when the user interacts with it, updates a div on the page using the load() function. You should have at least 3 different pages that load calls, based on user input/interaction. What exactly it does is up to you!


Here is an example of a basic page that uses jQuery load. Please try to make yours more in depth than this. Try loading images, or gifs instead.

Warning! If you copy my code I will know and you will get a 0.


You will submit your files (all .html, .js, and .css files, NO .php for this assignment) in a single tar file with NO SUBDIRECTORIES. Using just the files in that tar, your project should work with no outside internet connection.