CT320: Network and System Administration

Fall 2018


CT320 Lab Configuration


CT320 labs (recitations) are held in CSB room 315. CT320 uses the workstations around the perimeter of the room—not the center ones. CT320 workstations have pink labels on their monitors. It’s ok to have two students to a workstation, but no more than two.

Users & Passwords

Network configuration network
The IP addresses for this private network are of the form 192.168.110.suffix, where suffix is 0–255 (more or less).
The gateway is an IP address of a router or computer that provides a route to the world outside of this network.
Machines are named ct320-1, ct320-2, etc.
Per the pink tag on the monitor.
Static IP addresses
The static IP address for ct320-suffix is For example ct320-4 is IP address Why 104, rather than just 4? Because the address is already used for the gateway.
Search domain
Specify cs.colostate.edu as a search domain, so we can use acushla instead of acushla.cs.colostate.edu.


The lab has a serious network firewall; only certain services are permitted.

There is no DHCP server on this network. (OK, sometimes there is, but we don’t want to use it.) Therefore, static IP addresses (see above) must be manually assigned.
DNS server is
The DNS server translates names (e.g., denver.cs.colostate.edu, amazon.com) to ip addresses (, You must specify the DNS server as an IP address, not a name. If it were a name, who would translate it to a number?
Web browser access (http: and https:) works to the general Internet. Network OS updates work, because they use http protocol.
ssh is only permitted to the host acushla.cs.colostate.edu. It has all your files on it, just like the CS Department computers in CSB 120. However, if you need access to other computers, you can first ssh to acushla, then ssh to where you need to go from there.
Pinging anywhere should work.

User: Guest

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