CT320: Network and System Administration

Fall 2018


CT320: Nmap

Nmap Lab

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to use nmap, the network mapping tool.


Part 1: Local use

From the CSB 315 lab:

Part 2: OS

What’s the difference between these two commands?

Saying “The second command uses sudo and -O” is not good enough. Why!?

Part 3: Printer

These ports are accessible on the printer fiddle.cs.colostate.edu:

        21/tcp   open  ftp
        23/tcp   open  telnet
        80/tcp   open  http
        443/tcp  open  https
        515/tcp  open  printer
        631/tcp  open  ipp
        7627/tcp open  soap-http
        9100/tcp open  jetdirect

Part 4: Look for servers

Look for a computer in the – range that has port 4444 open. There should be only one.

Part 5: DNS server

Look for a computer in the entire 23-bit CS subnet that has the “domain” port open. There should be only one.

Part 6: Credit

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