CT320: Network and System Administration

Fall 2018

Totalitarian Networking

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CT320 Totalitarian Networking

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Unhappy Information

We need to restrict access to:

Access vs. Security

Choke Points

Traffic by port

Any TCP or IP packet is associated with a service, which is mapped to a port:

22SSHSecure SHellssh/scp commands
25SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocolsend email
53DNSDomain Name Systemhost name ⇒ ip address
80HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocolworld-wide web
110POP3Post Office Protocol 3fetch email
123NTPNetwork Time Protocolwhat time is it?
139SMBServer Message BlockWindows file sharing
143IMAPInternet Message Access Protocolfetch email
194IRCInternet Relay ChatChat rooms
443HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocolworld-wide web
2049NFSNetwork File SystemLinux file sharing

Packet Filtering

DNS access



IP addresses

The End

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