About the Class

Network management remains the least understood aspect of networking. Managers of today’s enterprise and carrier networks face great challenges, as they need to manage a variety of devices, protocols and mechanisms, to meet a diverse set of goals in performance, security, availability and costs. This course provides students with a comprehensive view of the network management problem, including its concepts, scope, challenges, and techniques. We will study the network management concepts in concrete applications and scenarios such as MPLS, VPN, VLAN, etc. As a highlight of this course, we will also spend significant amount of time studying emerging networking technologies such as Software Defined Networking, to better prepare students for managing future IT infrastructures.

Course Info

  • Instructor: Francisco R. Ortega, Ph.D.
  • Website:
  • Classroom: ECS 134
  • Office Hours: W => 8:05pm to 9:05pm R => 2:30 to 4:30. Otherwise, by appointment.
  • Office: ECS 263
  • Phone: 305-348-1704
  • Email:

Textbooks and Readings

  • Required Text:
    • Automated Network Management Systems by Douglas E. Comer (2007). Available via VitalSource.Com. Also available new or used in Amazon. ISBN 978-0132393089. [ANMS]
    • Software Defined Network: A Comprehensive Approach by Goransson and Black. (available in our library). ISBN 978-0124166752. [SDN]

  • Optional Textbooks:
    • Network Management Fundamentals by Alexander Clemm. [NMF]
    • Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages by Lubanovic (or if you are experienced in Python, you can use Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho). [IP]
    • Computer Networks and Internet (Sixth edition or previous) by Comer [CNI]
      • Note that Computer Networks and Internet fifth edition has the same chapters that we will use and people have been able to find it for very low prices.

Teaching Assistants

  • Ruben Recabarren (rreca003 at