Colorado State University Computer Science Department

The CSU Model-Based Software Development Group

The research focuses on developing and evaluating techniques that support model-based approaches to software development. Model-based software development techniques raise the level of abstraction at which developers conceive and implement complex software systems. There are currently six related strands of research: The AOM research at CSU focuses on developing and evaluating modeling techniques that allow developers to encapsulate pervasive security, fault tolerance and other dependability concerns as aspects that can be composed with requirements and design models. Aspects allow developers to understand, communicate, and analyze pervasive dependability concerns as conceptual units during requirements analysis and design. The AOM techniques developed in this research support (1) early trade-off and risk analysis through analysis of dependability concerns, (2) localization of solutions that address pervasive dependability concerns in aspects, (3) rigorous composition of aspects and models of other system features, (4) analysis of design models to determine degree of dependability. In an MTSD approach to developing distributed systems, middleware concerns are localized in aspects that can be composed with application designs that are created without considering middleware issues.

Research Funding Sources