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Research Experience for US Students at INRIA

The REUSSI 2010-2013 Program

Important Update: Information on the 2013 Internship Program is now available

Target deadline for applications: November 30, 2012

Program Overview

Application Process

REUSSI Participant Report

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Program Overview

The Research Experience for US Students at INRIA (REUSSI) program is a research internship program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control.  This program is managed on the US side by Robert France from Colorado State University. The primary INRIA contact for this program is Marie Jeanne-Gaffard (marie-jeanne.gaffard AT


REUSSI gives US students the opportunity to develop international research experience through collaborative work with computer scientists at INRIA sites in France. Students selected for REUSSI research internships are expected to spend two to six months working at an INRIA site. Internships typically start in the summer months, but may extend into the latter half of the year.


REUSSI also aims to foster discussions among students and their advisers that can lead to collaborations spanning diverse Computer Science research interests. The program expects to attract US graduate students that collectively represent a broad set of research interests. To support this goal, a REUSSI summer colloquium will be held in each year of the program at the INRIA headquarters just outside Paris. The colloquium will give students an opportunity to learn about the research that other REUSSI-funded students are engaged in. Each visiting REUSSI student will be required to attend the annual summer research colloquium. The students will be required to present the work they are engaged in at INRIA. Students not only gain an appreciation of the problems that are being tackled in other Computer Science fields, but they may also be able to identify opportunities for leveraging presented solutions in their research.


INRIA scientists speak English and thus it is not necessary for US students to know French in order to take advantage of this program. Many of the students who participated in this program in the past did not know French. Selected students will be expected to take advantage of their institution’s international student programs to help them prepare for their stay in France.


INRIA will cover the stipend and research costs for each student, and the NSF will provide funds to cover airfares and other logistical support. INRIA will also extend healthcare benefits to interns. The program expects to fund approximately10 students in each year.


Working at the crossroads of computer sciences and mathematics, over the last 40 years INRIA’s researchers have been developing the scientific foundations for a new field of learning: computational sciences.

When associated with other scientific disciplines, computational sciences can be used to offer new concepts, languages, methods and teaching aids which open up new avenues for exploration and understanding of complex phenomena. Working in project-teams, INRIA researchers mix fundamental and applied research in an innovative blend to produce their results.

The institute’s 174 teams, the majority of which are joint teams with other major French or international research bodies, are comprised of around twenty researchers working on a shared project for a period of 4 to 8 years. 

INRIA is France’s only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. It hosts over 1000 young researchers each year.

INRIA Web site
INRIA International Relations Department



Information on INRIA stipends will be posted soon. 


Application Process (2013)

US-based students must apply in order to receive funding. The program primarily targets US graduate students, but US undergraduate students with interest in pursuing a Computer Science research career can apply. US students from under-represented groups in Computer Science are strongly encouraged to apply.


The following are the two steps that students must take when applying:


1.      Initial contact: Send me email with the subject “REUSSI 2013 Internship Program” and a body that includes a statement of your interest in the internship program. Also include in the email your name, department, university, and the name of your adviser. You will be put on an email list on which REUSSI announcements will be posted.

2.      Identify up to 5 available internship projects (subjects) at INRIA: The INRIA internship projects can be found here. US-based students working with advisors that have France/US Associated Team projects can also apply. These students should note they are part of an Associated Team project in their applications (especially if the project does not appear in the INRIA list).

3.      Prepare application: Students applying for support must send the following information via email to:

a.       Required information

                                                              i.      Personal Information

1.      First and last name

2.      Email contact

3.      Institution and department with mailing address

4.      Degree you are pursuing: Masters/PhD

5.      Student status: full-time/part-time

6.      US resident status (e.g., citizen, permanent resident)

                                                            ii.      INRIA subject areas you would like to be considered for (or an indication that you’re working on an Associated Team project) – up to 5 subject areas can be listed

                                                          iii.      A brief statement (1 page maximum) on how the internship will contribute to your research or career goals

                                                          iv.      A letter of support from your adviser

                                                            v.      Anticipated internship start and end dates (a minimum  duration of 2 months must be given)

                                                          vi.      For students on Associated Team projects only: Name of Associated Team project, name and email of INRIA contact for the project

b.      Optional information

                                                              i.      Gender

                                                            ii.      Ethnicity

                                                          iii.      Telephone number at which you can be reached during the day


The following criteria will be used to select student applications that will be forwarded to INRIA for final approval:

·         Applications from US citizens and permanent residents will have first preference.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received. Selected applications will be sent to the INRIA project teams. Selected students will be required to complete INRIA applications by December 4, 2012. The INRIA scientists will then make a final determination as to which students will be given internships. The INRIA teams may contact the students directly to obtain further information or to discuss internship arrangements.


Candidates are strongly advised to apply before November 30, 2012 so that we can make a decision and have students fill in the INRIA application forms by December 4, 2012.



November 30, 2012: Deadline for REUSSI applications (send to

December 4, 2012: Deadline for INRIA internships (selected students only)

REUSSI Participant Report

REUSSI participants are each required to write a short report on his/her internship experience. The report is to be completed in plain text and submitted to Reports are due 30 days after completing an internship. The format of the report is given below:


Name: Enter your first name(s) followed by your last name

Email: Enter your email address

US Institution address: Enter the department and university you are enrolled in

Degree program: Enter the degree program you are enrolled in

US resident status: citizen/permanent resident/F1

INRIA lab visited: Location of INRIA lab you visited

INRIA adviser: Name of INRIA scientists who supervised your internship

INRIA project: name of project

Duration of internship: mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy


Summary of work performed during internship: Short description of the work you performed while on your internship. This section should not exceed 1 page in 12pt font.


Experience gained: Briefly describe the experience you gained. This section should not exceed 1 page in 12pt font.


Plans to continue work: Briefly describe plans (if any) to continue the work performed during the internship. In particular, note plans to write scientific papers for specified journals and conferences and the deadlines for completing the paper writing tasks. This section should not exceed 1 page in 12pt font.



Other feedback: Place comments on how we can improve the REUSSI program here.


Contact Information

Send questions on the program to the following email address:


Or you can contact:


Robert France

Department of Computer Science

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523

Tel: 970-491-6356

Fax: 970-491-2466

Last modified: November 7, 2012