General Information About Our Group

The GENITOR group is a research group within the Colorado State AI Lab (CSAIL) in the Computer Science Department at Colorado State University. The group focuses on the theory and applications of Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation and Search.

The group is headed by Dr. Darrell Whitley and is made up of several students at the PhD, Masters and Undergraduate levels. Dr. Whitley is also director of the Colorado State AI Lab (CSAIL) which is made up of 5 faculty and approximately 15 graduate researchers. The GENITOR group was named for the Genitor genetic algorithm developed by Whitley et. al. in 1989.

Some of the project areas in which GENITOR group members have worked or are currently working are:

Boolean Satisfiability
Evaluating Test Functions for Evolutionary Algorithms
Evolving Neural Networks
Infinite Population Models
Parameter Optimization
Representation Issues for Genetic Algorithms
Seismic Applications
Travelling Salesman Problems
Walsh Analysis

Contact Information

This homepage is maintained by Jean-Paul Watson Questions or comments can be mailed to him.

Request for copies of papers or any additional information about our Genetic Algorithms or Artificial Intelligence program can be made to Dr. Darrell Whitley. Email is preferred.

Information on the Computer Science Graduate Program can be requested via e-mail from: