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GECCO-99 Student Workshop

Date: Tuesday July 13, 1999
Submission is CLOSED

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UPDATE! The deadline for student travel grant application is March 31, 1999.

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Students with research topics focused on genetic and evolutionary computation, DNA computation, Artificial Life and Agents are invited to apply to participate in the 1999 GECCO Student Workshop. Approximately 12 students will be selected to present a 15-20 minute synopisis of their current research to a mentor panel, other students and selected participants at the day-long workshop. Each presentation will be followed by questions and discussion prompted by the mentor panel. To apply submit, via email, a one page poster-style synopsis of your research (details below). Reports of research at all stages are welcome.


The workshop format offers feedback from well qualified listeners regarding results, methodology, future directions and presentation style. It benefits all attendees in terms of learning about the work of others, engaging in technical discussions and meeting researchers with related interests. Workshops with approximately the same goals and format were held at GP-97 and GP-98 and they were strongly endorsed by both faculty and student participants.

The group of students who present will be chosen by the chair with the intent of creating a diverse group of students working on a broad range of topic areas. You are an ideal candidate if your thesis topic has already been approved by your university and you have been working on your thesis for at least several months. You are also a strong candidate if a GECCO-related topic has a role in your undergraduate project or thesis.

Importantly, even if you are not chosen to present, you will be considered for invitation to the workshop and you can expect to derive a lot of benefit from attending. Participation will be limited to preserve the discussion quality of the workshop but students who submit a paper will receive highest consideration. Our goal is to achieve high participation by students working on GECCO-related research.

Location: Omni Rosen Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA
Acceptance Date:May 1, 1999
What to submit: A one page poster-style reporting research results
How and Where to submit: Email your submission in post-script format (preferably uuencoded and gzipped), pdf format, html format or ascii (if absolutely necessary) to:
Snail-mail will be tolerated if email is not an option. Address 10 copies of your submission to:
Una-May O'Reilly
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab,
Cambridge, MA, 02139,USA
If accepted, you are expected to create a web page related to your research which provides your abstract. This will be linked from a central page.
All submissions of adequate quality (not those accepted for presentation) will be printed along with the Late-Breaking Papers book of GECCO.

Financial Assistance: Limited funds for students only are available to assist participants with travel and accomodation costs. Registration to GECCO-99 will not be waived. The deadline for application is Wed, March 31. At that time applications will be reviewed and decisions about awards will be made by about May 1, 1999. As a condition of acceptance, you will be required to complete and submit an expense report to AAAI, accompanied by original receipts one month after the conference. The URL for the travel grant application is at the top of this page.

The Panel (to date)

To be eligible to present at this workshop you must be a student. Your submission should be authored solely by you (and your advisor or supervisor if protocol demands).

Testimonial and Great Example:

Here is a message recently posted (March, 1999) to a number of electronic-lists by Frank W. Moore, PhD.

Dr. Moore was voted as having the Outstanding Presentation of the GP'97 Student Workshop.


I urge all of you to consider submitting a poster paper summarizing your on-going research in genetic or evolutionary computation, DNA computation, artificial life, or intelligent agents to the GECCO'99 Graduate Student Workshop.

As a participant in the GP'97 Graduate Student Workshop, I was given the opportunity to join a group of outstanding graduate students from around the world in presenting a summary of my dissertation research to some of the most distinguished researchers in the genetic programming field. The warm and positive responses of panel members, students, and other guests were truly gratifying. Their constructive feedback proved invaluable as my dissertation research drew to its conclusion. I have no doubt that this year's workshop will be just as beneficial to you.

See you in Orlando!

Frank Moore
Assistant Professor of Systems Analysis
Miami University
Here is the single page poster-style paper Dr. Moore submitted.

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