GECCO-99 Student Workshop Submissions

Alphabetically listed are the group of international students who had their two page research descriptions accepted to the 1999 GECCO Student Workshop. This collection of papers will be included in the Workshop booklet of GECCO-99 edited by Dr. Annie Wu. Most students have links to their home page, their submission and their institution. Please also note that each student has provided keywords associated with his/her paper.

Name: Anbarasu.L.A
Affiliation: Ramunujan Computing Center, India
Title: Multiple sequence alignment by parallel genetic algorithm
Keywords: genetic algorithm, parallel

Name: Eugene Antipov
Affiliation: University Of Delaware
Advisor: Dr. David Harlan Wood
Title: A Max 1s Problem in DNA Computing via GAs
Keywords: DNA Computing, Genetic Algorithm

Name: Ashraf Anwar
Affiliation: Institute for Intelligent Systems, The University of Memphis
Title: Sparse Distributed Memory with Evolutionary Mechanisms
Keywords: evolution strategy, genetic algorithm, fitness landscape

Name: Stu Card
Affiliation: Syracuse University, USA
Title: Genetic Programming of Wavelet Networks for Time Series Prediction
Keywords: genetic programming, neural-nets, wavelets, time, scale, frequency, prediction, stochastic, nonlinear

Name: Juan Jesus Romero Cardalda
Affiliation: Computer Science Dept., University of Coruna, Spain
Title: Musical Adaptive Systems
Keywords: music, creativity

Name: Phyllis Chong
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science , University of Birmingham, UK
Title: Java based Distributed Genetic Programming on the Internet
Keywords: distributed, evolutionary programming, genetic programming, Internet, java, parallel

Name: João Carlos Costa
Affiliation: LaSEEB - Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Lab
Title: Artificial Life Modeling of Downy Mildew of the Grapevine
Keywords: Artificial Life, Evolutionary Algorithms, Ecological Modelling, Agriculture, Crop Protection

Name: Juan Ramon Rubunal Dopico
Affiliation: Computer Science Dept., University of A Coruna, Spain
Title: Search and Generation of Heuristic Rules of Experience for the Simplification of ANN Training with Genetic Algorithm
Keywords: Artificial Life, Evolutionary Algorithms, Ecological Modelling, Agriculture, Crop Protection

Name: Craig Eldershaw
Affiliation: Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Title: Motion planning using GAs
Keywords: genetic algorithm, robotics

Name: Sima Etaner-Uyar
Affiliation: Istanbul Technical University , Computer Engineering Department
Title: New Operators and Dominance Scheme for a Diploid GA
Keywords: genetic algorithm, diploidy, domination, meiosis, diversity.

Name: S. Alireza Feyzbakhsh
Affiliation: Matsui Lab.,
Department of Systems Engineering,
The University of Electro-Communications
Title: The New Methodology of Adam-Eve-like Genetic Algorithm for Cost Optimization,
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Adam-Eve-like Genetic Algorithm, Optimization via Simulation,Flexible Assembly Systems (FASs).

Name: Marcos Gallego-Schmid
Affiliation: Departamento de Tecnologica Electronica. Universidad de Malaga.
Title: Modified AntNet: Software Application in the evaluation and management of a telecommunication network
Keywords: agents,telecommunications,java
Name: Mario Giacobini
Affiliation: Università degli Studi di Torino
Title: A Randomness Test for Binary Sequences based on Evolutionary Algorithms
Keywords: Hybrid Strategies, Genetic Algorithm, Evolution Strategy

Name: Jose Ignacio Hidalgo
Affiliation: Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores y Automatica
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
Title: Graph Partitioning Methods for Multi-FPGA systems and Reconfigurable Hardware based on Genetic Algorithms
Keywords: genetic algorithm, dynamically reconfigurable hardware, Multi-FPGA systems, evolvable hardware
Name: Tatiana Kalganova
Affiliation: Napier University, UK
Title: A New Evolutionary Hardware Approach for Logic Design
Keywords: Evolvable Hardware
Name: Udayan Kanade
Affiliation: Vishwakarma Instiute of Technology, Pune
Title: A Study of Arithmetic Genetic Encoding for Highly Randomized Fitness
Keywords: fitness landscape, genetic algorithm, problem difficulty

Name: Vinay Karle
Affiliation: NCSU
Title: Genetic Algorithm for the Paratransit Vehicle Routing Problem Using a Modified Crossover Operator Based on Adjacency Relations
Keywords: genetic algorithm, modified crossover operator, vehicle routing

Name: Maarten Keijzer
Affiliation: Danish Hydraulic Institute
Title: Scientific Discovery using Genetic Programming
Keywords: data mining, genetic programming, scientific discovery

Name: Asif Khalak
Affiliation: MIT
Title: Evolutionary Model of Open Source Software: Economic Impact
Keywords: agents, open-source software, economics

Name: Jungwon Kim
Affliation: Department of Computer Science, University College London
Title: An Artificial Immune System for Network Intrusion Detection
Keywords: artificial immune system, network intrusion detection, evolutionary algorithm, computer security

Name: Natalio Krasnogor
Affiliation: Intelligent Computer Systems Centre, University of West England, Bristol, UK
Title: Coevolution of Genes and Memes in Memetic Algorithms
Keywords: genetic algorithms hybrid strategies fitness landscape

Name: Sanjeev Kumar
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science, University College London
Title: Lessons from Nature: The Benefits of Embryology
Keywords: Artificial Embryology, Computational Embryology, Genetic Algorithms, Morphogenesis, Regional Specification, Cellular Differentiation

Name: Jin Li
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science
University of Essex
Title: FGP: A Genetic Programming Tool for Financial Prediction
Keywords: genetic programming,stock market,prediction.

Name: Daniel Livingstone
Affiliation: Dept. of Computing and Information Systems, University of Paisley, High St., Paisley, PA1 2BE, UK
Title: On Modelling the Evolution of Language and Languages
Keywords: ALIFE, evolution of language, linguistic diversity

Name: Eduard Lukschandl
Affiliation: Chalmers Technical University, Sweden
Title: Evolving the Behavior of Collaborating Entities Using Genetic Programming
Keywords: agents, genetic programming, java, telecommunications

Name: Anna Marino
Affiliation: Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems
University of Southampton
Title: Keywords: Sexual vs. Asexual Recombination for the Graph Colouring Problem with Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
Keywords: Hybrid genetic algorithms, graph colouring, permutations, biased operators

Name: Dagmar Monett
Affiliation: Center of Biomaterials, Havana University
Title: Genetic Algorithm Techniques and Intelligent Agents Design for the Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Processes in Medicine
Keywords: agents, chemistry, genetic algorithm

Name: Edgar Noda
Affiliation:CEFET-PR, CPGEI, Curitiba - PR., Brazil
Title: Discovering Interesting Prediction Rules with a Genetic Algorithm
Keywords: data mining genetic algorithm

Name: Gabriela Ochoa
Affiliation: Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Group,
Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics (CCNR )
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (COGS)
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK.
Title: The Multiple Roles of Recombination in GAs
Keywords: genetic algorithm, fitness landscape, recombination, optimal mutation rates, optimal evolutionary parameters

Name: Lars Olsson
Affiliation: SICS-Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Title: Strategy Evolution for Electronic Markets using Genetic Programming
Keywords: agents, economics, genetic programming

Name: Michael O'Neill
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
Title: Automatic Programming with Grammatical Evolution
Keywords: genetic algorithm, genetic programming

Name: Amey Parandekar
Affiliation: Environmental Systems Analysis, North Carolina State University
Title: Genetic Algorithm-Based Optimizer: A Java Based Teaching Tool
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Function Optimization, Java, Object-Oriented, Web


Name: Dilip Kumar Pratihar
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Title: Optimal Path and Gait Generations Simultaneously of a Six-legged Robot Using a GA-Fuzzy Approach
Keywords: GA, robot

Name: Vili Podgorelec
Affiliation: Laboratory for system design, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Title: Medical Diagnosis Prediction using Genetic Programming
Keywords: genetic programming, decision support systems, medical diagnosis prediction, software metrics

Name: Reid Porter
Affiliation: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Space and Remote Sensing, Los Alamos, NM, USA
Title: GA-accelerators using FPGAs
Keywords: FPGA, genetic algorithms, evolvable hardware

Name: Tom Quick
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
Title: Embodiment as Situated Structural Coupling
Keywords: Embodiment, Structural Coupling, Artificial Life, Robotics, Adaptation, Autonomy

Name: Brahim Rekiek
Affiliation: Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Title: Multiple-Objectives Genetic Algorithm
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Multi-Objective,

Name: Roberto Santana
Affiliation: Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics. Havana, Cuba
Title: On Estimation Distribution Algorithms
Keywords: genetic algorithm, graphical models, linkage, building blocks, estimation of distributions, model search, measures of convergence.

Name: Lucia Sheehan
Affiliation:University Of Limerick, Ireland
Title: Self-tuning Evolutionary System
Keywords:genetic algorithm

Name: Jyh-bin Suen
Affiliation: National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC
Title: Genetic algorithms for optimal series propeller design
Keywords: genetic algorithm, optimal propeller design

Name: A. Suppapitnarm
Affiliation: Engineering Design Centre
Title: Simulated Annealing: An Alternative Approach to True Multiobjective Optimisation
Keywords: Simulated Annealing, Multiobjective Optimisation, Trade-off surface

Name: Fattaneh Taghiyareh
Affiliation: Department of Information Processing
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Title: Toward Designing a New Parallel Fine-Grain Genetic Algorithm
Keywords: parallel genetic algorithm, buttefly network, De jong function

Name: Christof Teuscher
Affiliation: Logic Systems Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, INN-Ecublens, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, Tel: +41 21 693 47 92, Fax: +41 21 693 37 05
Title: Romero's Pilgrimage to Santa Fe: A Tale of Robot Evolution
Keywords: genetic algorithm, evolutionary programming, robotics
Affiliation: ISLAB, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Antwerp, RUCA, Belgium
Keywords: feature detection, GA-hardness
Name: Oswaldo Velez-Langs
Affiliation: School of Systems Engineering, Industrial University of Santander, Columbia
Title: A Genetic Metaheuristic for the TSP
Keywords: TSP, meta-heurisitic

Name: Mark S. Voss
Affiliation: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
Title: Evolutionary Algorithm For Structural Optimization
Keywords: genetic algorithm, evolutionary algorithm, translocation, crossover, heuristic representation, rank, fitness landscape, fitness distribution, selection schemes, takeover time, selection intensity, selection variance, loss of diversity, emergence

Name: Richard A. Watson
Dynamical and Evolutionary Machine Organization
Volen Center for Complex Systems
Computer Science Department
Brandeis University
Title: Evolution and Problem Decomposition
Keywords: building blocks, fitness landscape, genetic algorithm, linkage, messy-gas, problem difficulty, problem decomposition, symbiogenesis

Name: Stefan Zemke
Affiliation: Dept. of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden
Title: Amalgamation of Genetic Selection and Boosting
Keywords: boosting, genetic algorithm, hybrid strategies, economics, nearest neighbor

Name: Jian Zhang
Affiliation: Dept of EE and CS, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA
Title: Niching in an ES Context
Keywords: evolutionary strategy, niching

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