DAY 1- July 10, 2000
Plenary Session - Stephanie Forrest:Why a Computer Needs an Immune System
Session 1
GA139 Enhancing the GA's Ability to Cope with Dynamic Environments
GA153 An Empirical Investigation of Optimisation in Dynamic Environments Using CGA
GA240 Multinational GAs: Multimodal Optimization Techniques in Dynamic Environments
GP206 Characterizing a Tunably Difficult Problem in Genetic Programming
GP185 Improving Induction of Linear Classification Trees with Genetic Programming
RW091 GP within a Framework of Computer-Aided Discovery of Scientific Knowledge
RW045 Genomic computing: explanatory modelling for functional genomics
GA141 Evolving Molecules for Drug Design Using GAs via Molecular Trees
RW066 Hybrid Differential Evolution ... Dynamic Optimization of A Bioreactor Process
AA222 Evolving agent societies that avoid social dilemmas
AA254 Evolution of Strategies in Spatial IPD Games with Structure Demes
RW179 Adaptive Learning for Poker
ES004 An Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization
ES056 Heterogeneity and Specialization in Evolving Teams
ES077 On Evolutionary Optimization with Approximate Fitness Functions
Journal Showcase
Heinz Muehlenbein  FDA, A Scalable Evolutionary Algorithm
Kargupta, H. and Park, B.  Gene Expression and Fast Construction of Distributed Evolutionary Representation
Filippo Menczer Efficient and Scalable Pareto Optimization by Evolutionary Algorithms
Session 2
GP101 GP+Echo+Subsumption = Improved Problem Solving
GP191 Controlling Effective Introns for Multi-Agent Learning by Genetic Programming
GP124 A Kolmogorov Complexity-based Genetic Programming tool for string compression
CS097 Introducing a genetic generalization pressure to theAnticipatory Classifier System, Part I: Theoretical approach
CS115 Introducing... Anticipatory Classifier System Part 2: Performance Analysis
CS188 Specifying Action Persistence within XCS
RW195 Heuristics for evolutionary off-line routing in telecommunications networks
RW014 A Fault-tolerant Multicast Routing Algorithm in ATM Networks
GA096 Distributed Steady-State Neuro-Evolutionary Path Planning in Non-Stationary Environments Using Adaptive Replacement
GA071 A Note on Learning and Evolution in Neural Networks
NN169 An Evolutionary Algorithm to Training NN for a Two-Spiral Problem
RW225 Evaluations of GP and NN Techniques for Nuclear Material Identification
Journal Showcase 
Ian Parmee Multiobjective Satisfaction within an Interactive Evolutionary Design Environment
David A. Van Veldhuizen Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
Joshua D Knowles Approximating the Nondominated Front Using the Pareto Archived Evolution Strategy
Session 3
GP256 Fitness Sharing in Genetic Programming
GA055 A Variable Radius Niching Technique for Speciation in Genetic Algorithms
GA063 Intelligent Recombination Using Individual Learning in a Collective Learning Genetic Algorithm
GA065 A Comparative Study of Gene-Duplicated GAs Based on PfGA and SSGA
GA067 Phlegmatic Mappings for Function Optimisation with Genetic Algorithms
GA183 A New GA-Local Search Hybrid for Optimization in Rn Based on...Clustering
RW127 Evolutionary Multiperiod Asset Allocation
RW175 A Multi-Adaptive Agent Model of Generator Bidding in UK Market in Electricity
RW203 Applying Genetic Algorithms to Multi-Objective Land Use Planning
SC130 Extrapolation-Directed Crossover for Job-shop Scheduling Problems
SC052 A steady-state evolutionary algorithm for the job shop problem
SC172 A Memetic Algorithm With Self-Adaptive Local Search: TSP as a case study
MA009 Takeover Times and Probabilities of Non-Generational Selection Rules
ES044 A new Selection Scheme for Steady-State Evolution Strategies
MA118 Selection Intensity in Genetic Algorithms with Generation Gaps
Genetic Algorithms 
DAY 2 - July 11, 2000
Plenary Session - Gil Syswerda: Successful Commercialization of Genetic Algorithms
Session 1
RW168 Structural Optimization of Laminated Plates with Genetic Algorithms
RW164 Informed operator: Speeding up GA-based design using reduced models
RW085 An Evolvable Laser System for Femtosecond Pulse Generation
GP003 The Effects of Randomly Sampled Training Data on Program Evolution
GA069 Quadratic Bloat in Genetic Programming
GP148 Genetic Programming with Statically Scoped Local Variables
SC081 A Comparison of Operators for Solving Time Dependent TSPms Using GAs
SC087 The Natural Crossover for the 2D Euclidean TSP
GA149 An Improved Adaptive Multi-Start Approach ... Solutions to the Euclidean TSP
GA200 Recombination Without Respect
GA116 Crossover in Probability Spaces
AA140 Chemical Crossover
GA216 Solving CSPs with using self-adaptive constraint weights 
RW070 Solving Large Binary Quadratic Programming Problems by Genetic Local Search 
AA031 On the development of spectral properties of visual agent receptors 
Journal Showcase
Hideaki Suzuki  Crossover Accelerates Evolution in GAs with a Babel-like Fitness Landscape
William Hart A Convergence Analysis of Unconstrained and Bound Constrained Evolutionary Pattern Search
Giuliano Grossi A Genetic Model: Analysis and Application to MAX SAT
Session 2
MA112 Polynomial Time Summary Statistics for Two General Classes of Functions
MA201 Effects of Finite Populations on Evolutionary Stable States
GA075 Time complexity of genetic algorithms on exponentially scaled problems
RW152 Genetic Programming for Image Analysis: Orientation Detection
RW047 Edge Detection of Petrographic Images Using Genetic Programming
RW015 A Genetic Segmentation Algorithm for Image Data Streams and Video
GA105 A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Multiway Graph Partitioning
GA106 A Hybrid Genetic Search for Graph Partitioning Based on Lock Gain
RW202 A Combined Evolutionary Search and Multilevel Approach to Graph Partitioning
DN131 Realities In Sequence Design: Setting parameters for good sequences
DN207 Applying Genetic Algorithms to Multiple Sequence Alignment
AA218 A New Molecular Computing Model, Artificial Cell Systems
Journal Showcase 
Masaharu Munetomo Linkage Identification by Non-monotonicity Detection for Overlapping Functions
C. Krishna Mohan Adaptive Linkage Crossover
Martin Pelikan Linkage Problem, Distribution Estimation, and Bayesian Networks
Session 3
GA039 Improving EAs for Sequencing Problems
GA059 OMEGA - Ordering Messy GA: Solving Permutation Problems with Random Keys
RW025 A New Genetic Algorithm for Minimum Span Frequency Assignment 
GP227 Exact Schema Theorem and Effective Fitness for GP with One-Point Crossover
GP147 Automatic Synthesis of Electrical Circuits Containing a Free Variable using GP
GA068 A Non-Linear Schema Theorem for Genetic Algorithms
RW057 Domain Knowledge and Representation in GAs for Real World Scheduling Problems
RW138 Evolutionary Real-World Shop Floor Scheduling using... Coevolution
GA167 Evolution Strategies for a Parallel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
NN133 Evolving context-free language predictors
GA233 Linguistic Rule Extraction by Genetics-Based Machine Learning
GP226 Grammar based function definition in Grammatical Evolution
NN078 Eugenic Neuro-Evolution for Reinforcement Learning
GA165 A GA for Automatically Designing Modular Reinforcement Learning Agents
RW074 "Evolutionary, my dear Watson" - Investigating Committee-based Evolution 
Poster Reception
Poster Session
DAY 3 - July 12, 2000
Plenary Session - Dave Goldberg: The first meeting of the International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
Session 1
GA150 Sampling Bias and Search Space Boundary Extension in Real Coded GAs
GA125 A Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm using Distance Dependent Alternation Model
GA194 A Tri-Phase Multimodal Evolutionary Search Performance Profile 
GP235 Generating Robust Control Equations with Genetic Programming 
GP072 Automatic Synthesis of Both Topology and Tuning of a Common Controller
GA108 Modeling GA Performance for Control Parameter Optimization
RW163 Code Compaction Using Genetic Algorithms
GA050 Genetic Algorithms for Component Analysis
GA089 Efficient Numerical Optimization Algorithm Based on GA for Inverse Problem
RW173 A Simple and Fast GA-SA Hybrid Image Segmentation Algorithm
RW157 Classification of Spectral Imagery Using Genetic Programming
GA212 Adaptive Wavelet Transform for Lossless Image Compression using GA
GA061 Hierarchical Problem Solving by the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
GA062 Bayesian Optimization Algorithm, Population Sizing, and Time to Convergence
GA090 The Effects of Locality on the Dynamics of Decoder-Based Evolutionary Search
Journal Showcase
J. F. Miller, D. Job and V. Vassilev  Principles in the Evolutionary Design of Digital Circuits
Dirk Thierens Scalability Problems of Simple Genetic Algorithms
W. B. Langdon Scaling of Program Fitness Spaces
Session 2
GA117 A GA with Tabu Search for Multimodal and Multiobjective Function Optimization
GA242 An Adaptive Hyperplane Approach for Multiple Objective Optimization 
GA229 Cellular Genetic Local Search for Multi-Objective Optimization
EH040 Evolutionary Synthesis of Multiplexor Circuits under Hardware Constraints
EH114 Evolution and Learning for Digital Circuit Design
EH196 A Novel Evolvable Hardware Framework for the Evolution of Digital Circuits
NN260 Improving Genetic Programming to Generate Smaller Decision Trees
NN119 Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Induce Oblique Decision Trees
NN020 A hybrid decision tree/genetic algorithm for small disjuncts in data mining
RO064 Evolutionary Robotics: Coping with Environmental Change
RO135 The Effects of Team Size on the Evolution of Distributed Micro Air Vehicles
RO217 Evolutionary Design of Behaviors for Action-Based Environment Modeling by a Mobile Robot
Journal Showcase
Ricardo Salem Zebulum, Marley Vellasco Variable Length Representations in Evolutionary Electronics
Capcarrere Mathieu A Statistical Study of a Class of Cellular Evoltionary Algorithms
Vesselin K. Vassilev Information Characteristics and the Structure of Landscapes
Session 3
AA146 Levels of Compartmentalization in Artificial Evolution
GA049 Optimal Mutation Rates and Selection Pressure in Genetic Algorithms
GA181 Using Genetic Algorithms with Asexual Transposition
AN158 Ant Colony Optimization for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
GA205 Performances study on crossover operators ... for some scheduling problems
GP041 Job-Shop Scheduling with GP
SC111 A Comparison of GA for the Dymanic Job Shop Scheduling Problem
GA095 A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
GA046 Enhancing the Performance of a GA through Visualisation
AA187 Autonomous Acquisition of Fuzzy Rules for mobile Robot Control: First Results from two Evolutionary Computation Based Approaches
RW012 Interactive Evolution of Adaptive Parameter for Speaker Verification Systems
RW094 ESP - Metaphor for learning: an evolutionary algorithm
GA110 Bad Codings and the Utility of Well-Designed Genetic Algorithms
NN253 Multi-objective pattern and feature selection by genetic algorithms