Caution with using MCDC criterion

PART A DUE: 11:59PM, Friday 31 March 2017

PART B DUE: 11:59PM, Sunday 2 April 2017

10 points

In class we discussed active clause coverage in Ammann and Offutt's text, and also how it is related to the MCDC coverage criterion. The goal of this assignment is to discuss and learn about issues related to the measurement of coverage. Note that some of the issues apply to any code coverage measurement in general.

Part A (6 points)

  1. There is no need to read the entire manuscript for this discussion. Please read Section 4 (pages 49--56) in the following manuscript.

    A Practical Tutorial on Modified Condition/Decision Coverage, Kelly J. Hayhurst, Dan S. Veerhusen, John J. Chilenski and Leanna K. Rierson, Tech report NASA/TM-2001-210876, L-18088, NAS 1.15:210876, May 01, 2001 Link.

Part B (4 points)

  1. Respond to at least one other posting and discuss the ideas. (3 points)
  2. Prepare (as a group) a list containing all the ideas proposed in your group and post it to the main discussion board. (1 point)

Grading Policy

You must actively participate in the discussion to get a grade.