A5. Syntax-based Testing

DUE: 11:59PM, Tuesday, 4 April 2017

20 points


  • The goal of this assignment is to practice a problem from syntax-based testing. You will also use a mutation tool of your choice.


  1. (10 points): For this question refer to your textbook: Figure 5.1 on page 189 of edition 1, or Figure 9.1 on page 243 of edition 2. Provide the reachability conditions, infection conditions, propagation conditions, and test case values to kill 2, 4, 5, and 6 in the figure.

  2. (10 points): Mutate the implementation of the Chess program (not the test cases) you used in A1 and then run the JUnit test cases that you wrote. Prepare a report that shows the numbers of different types of mutants that were generated, and how many were killed. You can use MuJava version 4 or PIT.


Type the answers to the above questions in a document called a5.pdf. Submit the file using Assignment Submission in Canvas.