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CS614: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
Software Testing
Spring 2011

CS614B is a research-oriented class, which has a different focus each time that it is offered. Students read and evaluate reseach papers, and conduct a research project. During the Spring 2011 semester, we will focus on three areas: test input generation techniques, testing aspect-oriented software, and fault localization. Depending on the interest of the students, we may choose to spend more time on a specific topic or two.

Test input generation: random testing, constraint based techniques, guided testing, etc

Testing aspect-oriented software: Fault models, test adequacy criteria, mutation analysis, and dataflow testing

Fault localization: Program spectra based, state based, machine learning based, data mining based and statistical techniques

The course will be run as a seminar. Students will present research papers and write summaries and critiques. Projects are a major component of the grade and they involve research and/or implementation along with a term paper.

The first few classes will be devoted to lectures that review background material. Student paper presentations will begin after these lectures.

Prerequisites: CS514/CS517/CS518, or written consent of instructor

What's New?

Nov 30
Course website under construction for Spring 2011.

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