CS641 Spring 2011: Topics in Artificial Intelligence


This course is the second half in a two semester "practicum'' in AI research. In the second semester, we focus on how to conduct a research project. We will be discussing research methodology, and nuts and bolts of managing research as well as one another's projects. The purpose of this semester is to expedite our research projects. As such, we will focus much less on other people's work and much more on our own.

Class discussions will cover research methodology and the class projects. Students will be presenting regular progress reports on their projects and will be giving advice on one another's projects. The goal of the course is to follow a research project through to results and write a conference style paper on the project. Hopefully, your paper will be publishable!

The format of most of the course will be similar to a large research group. Once each week, we will meet as a group: first, everyone will give informal reports of their progress, then one student will give a formal presentation of their project's status. Occasionally, we will discuss topics or papers related to research in AI in lieu of the formal progress reports. The other class meeting will be devoted to one on one meetings between the instructor and individual students, two students each week for half hour each.



When:TH 9:30-10:20
Where:Oldehoeft Conf room
Instructor:Adele Howe
howe at cs.colostate.edu
Office Hours:TBD

Course Requirements






The primary requirement is a project based on the proposal written in the Fall. Following the process of implementing grant proposals, each student will have a set of shared milestones with deliverables. The deliverables are: In addition the student will be responsible for informal progress reports delivered to the class and meeting regularly with the instructor.

Final project paper30%
Formal progress reports20%
Final group presentation10%
Updated proposal 10%
Detailed evaluation plan15%
Participation in class, including informal progress reports and one-on-one meetings 15%

Each assignment must be submitted at the beginning of class on the given deadline for that assignment; late period will be two days after the due date and will incur a penalty of 10%. As in CS640, class participation and informal progress reports count; to allow for occasional unavoidable absences (please don't come to class if you are sick), you are allowed two absences without explanation.

Please read the departmental policy statement regarding incompletes, cheating, and class attendance. This policy statement is in the file ~info/csu/student-info.

Course Schedule:

1/18 Overview. Class requirements. First informal progress report to remind everyone of your project.
1/20Meetings I:
  • Barber
  • Cashero
1/25Howe: Experimental Methodology
1/27Meetings I:
  • Lee
  • Lindzey
2/1 Howe: Experimental Methodology (cont.)
2/3Meetings I,II:
  • Minhas
  • Barber
2/8 Progress Report Ia: Jake
2/10Meetings II:
  • Cashero
  • Lee
2/15 Progress Reports Ib: Zach
2/17Meetings II:
  • Lindzey
  • Minhas
2/22 Progress Reports Ic: Fayyaz
2/24Meetings III:
  • Barber
  • Cashero
3/1 Progress Reports Id: Nathan
3/3Meetings III:
  • Lee
  • Lindzey
3/8 Progress Reports Ie: Mike
3/10Meetings III:
  • Minhas
3/15,17 Spring Break!
3/22 Progress Reports IIa: Fayyaz
3/24Meetings IV:
  • Barber
  • Cashero
3/29 Progress Reports IIb: Zach
3/31Meetings IV:
  • Lee
  • Lindzey
4/5 Progress Reports IIc: Jake
4/7Meetings IV, V:
  • Minhas
  • Barber
4/12 Progress Reports IId: Mike
4/14Meetings V:
  • Cashero
  • Lee
4/19 Progress Reports IIe: Nathan
4/21Out of town
4/26 Howe: giving oral presentations
Mark Hill, Oral Presentation Advice
Peyton-Jones et al., How to Give a Good Research Talk
Patterson, How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia"
4/28Meetings V:
  • Lindzey
  • Minhas
5/3 9-10:30AMFinal Oral Presentations:
Fayyaz, Mike, Zach
5/5Final Oral Presentations:
Nathan, Jake

Tentative Due Dates