Homepage Howto:

This page is to explain how to make your personal webpages available on the CS subdomain. Requirements are that you already have a CS user account. This document only describes the process of making personal webpages available on the web, not how to make a web page. There are many good references already available on that subject.

Directories and Permissions
  1. First, make your home root directories' permissions accessible, but not writable, for both group and other.

    > cd
    > chmod 711 .

  2. Create a directory, which must be named public_html, off your home directory. This is the directory which will hold all your HTML and other web files.

    > mkdir public_html
    > chmod 711 public_html

  3. Finally, create your index.html and make sure it is world-readable.

    > vi index.html
    > chmod 644 index.html