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Albert Lionelle
Computer Science

CSedU: CS Education Group

The CSedU group at Colorado State University focuses on improving the quality of computer science education, through directed modifications to courses and teaching styles. We meet on a weekly basis with the group being made up of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students who are all involved in curriculum decisions.

Meeting Time

Spring 2020
Mondays @ 1:00 PM
COMSCI 210 (Conference Room)

Current Projects

  • CS0 - 4 week Interventions
    Team Members: Albert, Logan, Maddie, Westin, Josette

  • CS 0 - Pretesting Evaluation
    Team Members: Marcia, Josette, Albert

  • CS 0 - Initial change cohort tracking
    Team Members: Albert

  • 4xx - online vs. in-class
    Team Members: Ross, Sudipto, Kristina, Logan

  • CS 1 Updates
    • Learning Assistant Model (Meets 9 AM, every other Thursday, CSB 305)
      Team Members: Sudipto, Ben S., Albert, Kristina, Ben G.

    • Technical Interview Labs
      Team Members: Sudipto, Josette, Ben G., Westin

    • Spiral CS-1
      Team Members: Sudipto, Albert, Marcia

  • Diversity in Tech + Early Start
    Team Members: Nate, Elisa, Albert