Spiritual Padas

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Translation by Y.K. Malaiya
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No definite information is available about Anandghan, who has written some very popular spiritual padas. Most scholars think that Anandghanji was a contemporary of Shri Yashovijayji Maharaj. That would make his estimated timeframe about 1660 to 1730.
Raga Saarang or Aashawari

ab ham amar bhaye na marenge |
ab ham amar bhaye na marenge
ya karan mithyat diyo taj,
kyon kar deh dharenge? || 1|| ab ham

rag dos jag bandh karat hai,
inako nas karenge |
maryo anant kalatain prani,
so ham kal harenge || 2 ||

deh vinashi hun avinashi,
apani gati pakarenge |
nasi jasi ham thir vasi,
chokhe hvai nikharenge || 3||

maryo anant var bin samajyo,
ab sukh dukh visarenge |
anandaghan nipata nikata akshar do,
nahi samare so marenge || 4||

Now I have realized that I am immortal, I will not die.
I have given up falsehoods,
why would I bear a a mortal body again?

Attachments cause binding to the physical world,
I will destroy them.
I have been losing lives for infinite time,
I will conquer time.

The body disintegrates, but not Me,
I will go in My direction,
I am the resident of the permanent abode,
I will emerge pure.

Without knowing, I have died infinite times,
now I will forget pleasures and pains.
Says Anandaghan, those who don't remember
two letters [Jina] will die.

Raga Aashawari

Why thirst for anything else?
Drink the nector of knowledge.
Those who desire something else,
go door to door like street dogs,
Those who taste self-experience,
remain intoxicated forever.

Those who are born of "desire" the maid,
they are servants of the world.
Those who are masters of "desire",
they thirst for the most suitable experience.

The mind is the cup, love is the spice,
brahma is the fire,
this body is the still,
drinking awakes one into the experience of pleasure.


Raga Aashawari

O mendicant, anyone who can give me a name,
will taste the ultimate nector.
I am neither a man, nor a woman,
not of any kind or type,
I belong to no caste or community, neither a seeker not the one sought,
I am not light or heavy. O mendicant.

I am neither hot nor cold,
big or small,
neither brother or sister,
or father or son. O mendicant.


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