Hindi instruction

Suggested Levels of Hindi instruction:

These are some preliminary suggestions. Comments are invited. Additional information will be added later.

1. For those who are new to Hindi:

2. For those with some exposure to Hindi.

For an example of the Introductory curriculum, see the curriculum of the Shishu Bharati school under "Hindi Classes: Directory".

Resources needed:

The primary resource needed for Hindi classes is at least one instructor (preferably with one or two associates) who has a good knowledge of Hindi and has the patience that is needed for a long term commitment (minimum of 6 months).

A class should preferably meet once in a week for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Homework must be given for intermediate/advanced classes.

If the class is organized as a non-profit activity, then there is no minimum number of students that are required. The upper limit: 10-15 students/instructor.