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Hindi Lessons on the Web
Hindi Alphabet, conversation from Syracuse U.
Script, dialogues from LaTrobe
Hindi lessons from JNCC, Russia
Learning Devanagari script
Video lessons for Hindi Alphabet from UPenn
Web lessons (UKIndia):Learn to read Hindi,
English/Hindi Dictionary download
Hindi/Russian Dictionary download
Hindi Electronic Dictionary from Japan
For Travellers Words & expressions, Phrases
Hindi: Introductory grammar
Audio lessons
In many languages: Sounds Greetings.
In many languages: Hello, Goodby, please, thank you, I love you

Word Lists
Yoga terms
Foods & Spices
Baby names Indian middle names
Core words from Bhakti literature
Tantric terms. Indian words in English
Hindi-Urdu-Pashtu-English Word list

Hindi News
Audio/Video:RealPlayer needed:
News from Akashvani
BBC Hindi Audio Service
Hindi Video Reports (Aaj Tak)
Font download not needed for these::
Nai Dunia (Indore)
Dainik Jagaran (UP)
Web search
Rajasthan Patrika (UP)
Panchajanya magazine
Bharat-Darshan from New Zealand
Kalayan magazine
Poems and Novels by Ashwani Kapoor
Text: Fonts for each of these need to be downloaded and installed separately:
Amar Ujala
Milap Hyderabad
Parichayica magazine
Anubhuti & Abhivyakti magazines Lashkar magazine fro Lucknow bad link?
Dr. Anil Agrawal's crime detection page

Academic Hindi Programs
Penn, Yale, Loyola, Chicago Washington, Duke, Iowa, Oregon, Cornell, Mich. Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Alabama, U. of Virginia, U. of Minnesota, Florida Vedic College ,
Syracuse Berkeley, Univ. of Texas, Austin, Rutgers, Emory, NC State, NYU, Indiana, UCLA, Manitoba , La Trobe, Calgary, Uppsala Uni., Kochin, London, Oslo, Budapest, Osaka, Jagiellonian University, Poland, Gent, Nether.,
Hindi Instruction and Internet
CARLA: North America
Int'l Programs in India
Himalaya Hindi House
Article South Asian Studies for a Diasporic Age
Hindi teachers LCTL mailing list

Learning Hindi
Akshar Animations, Visual Hindi, BharatVani Hindi Teacher, Hindi Guru CD
Hindi Learning books/CDs from
Distance learning course from La Trobe University
PC-HINDI - Hindi Vocabulary Practice Drill
Anand School of Indian Studies, Books, instruction (Houston, TX)
Hindi-Urdu Bol Chaal by BBC
with cassette
Outline of Hindi Grammar book/cassettes
Vedic Uni. course
Language/30 Series cassette/Phrase book
Hindi Classes: Directory (information invited)
Organizing a Hindi class
Hindi Teaching Materials
Dictionaries available
CD-Rom - Hindi - English Dictionary link invalid
Hindi World (Japan)
Baby Blankets in Hindi
Hindi Translation services
NCSTC Hindi Magazine
PRAYASproject journal of the Hindi students oF UIUC

Hindi Magazines
Published in USA: Saurabh, Vishwa-Vivek, Vishwa
Published in India: 1 2 (subscription)

Hindi: Points of view
S. Sankaran: Hindi literature P. Kekai:Austric influence? K. G. Singh: Turkish influence
South Asia Indian PM urges widespread use of Hindi BBC

Newsgroups, clubs, email-lists
alt.language.hindi archives
Posts regarding Hindi archives
Yahoo Clubs: HindiClub ,Hindi, World of Hindi, HindiBooksLovers, South American Hindi Club , Fijians Hindi Gujarati Chat Posts regarding learning Hindi archives
Hindi list for learners

Devanagari Fonts/Editors
Devanagari Font Guide

ITRANS system:
Itrans transliteration table,
Web interface for generating gif: SD's interface, Sanghavi's Web interface for generating Devanagari HTML: Velankar's Dishaa interface

JTRANS wysiwig editor Free.
Itranslator for Sanskrit. Free.
MS Office 2000 Hindi version.
AksharaMala Windows NT/2000/9x (based on Unicode)
LEAP system:
CDAC LEAP Wordprocessing/Email: Download iLEAP-Lite. Free.
Other systems:
BharatBhasha fonts with easy mapping. Free.
IWrite32 system. Includes maps for Shusha & Jagran fonts.
Evarta- Chat in Indian Languages
Hindi Email web interface: Epatra, Xdvng mail/chat interface, langoo, mailjol
Woodward's Hindi Learning Zone

Fonts: Kohli, ilkbSoft, saralsoft, patelvk, unitype, ind list, Kanchi (Mac), nl(Latex), ecoling, tt, LaserHindi Sanskrit, hg, deodars. TIFR Hindi page
Other Word Processors: Krishnasoft HWP (free demo), Jaspell Jaldi, Gujedit.

Indian languages
Indian languages and scripts

Sanskrit resources
News in Sanskrit Audio! from Germany
Sanskrit texts
Sanskrit books at
On line Sanskrit Dictionaries: Shabda-Ratnakara-Manthana, sgi,Itrans interface
Capeller's On line Sanskrit Dictionary Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
French-Sanskrit Dictionary Sanskrit Poster, T-Shirts, American Sanskrit Institute
Sanskrit lessons from Chennai
Dr. Mohan's lessons. Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar
Inflections and conjugations (Taiwan)>
Sanskrit Bharati
List lessons
37 Sanskrit teaching Inst.
Book: Teach Yourself Sanskrit
Gandharva Sanskrit site
Sandhi: MS Thesis (ps)
Article: Language of the Rigveda
Newsgroup: humanities.language.sanskrit
DESIKA - A Natural Language Understanding System

Urdu resource
Hugo's Urdu alphabet
Urdu alphabet pronunciation key
Learn to Read Urdu Learning Urdu Alphabets (shockwave)
Urdu-English Dictionary, English-Urdu Dictionary
History of Urdu poetry Poetry: Priyanka, Syed, Abhay, Shoeb, Kasif, , Asad, Safi, Adil, Shakil, Shantanu, Khanani Nita's Urdu Poetry Collection. .
Ghazals sung by Jagjit and Chitra
Urdu magazine "Phool"
Urdu Poetry with English translations
Farsi script interface, FarsiBanner Java Applet
Urdu and Hindi-Urdu teaching institutions.
Urdu Ethnologue, Urdu, a graceful language
A Nazm A Month
Hindi/Urdu Phrasebook
Newsgroup: alt.language.urdu.poetry> Origin of "Urdu" Discussion
Urdu and its Contributions Discussion
Classic Iranian literature

Indo-European Heritage
Indo-European Language Family UTexas
Indo-European Chronology
In Search of the Indo-Europeans
Relations between Sanskrit, Pali, the Prakrits and the Modern Vernacalars Bhandarkar, 1883 (scanned images)
Everything you ever wanted to know about Proto-Indo-European
Dictionary of most common AVESTA words
Avesta language information: cognates and mnemonics
Indo-European Home page
Indo-European Languages (Part of the Ethnologue)
Distribution of The largest language families and The Indo-European Languages
Khowar, The Language of Chitral, Kalasha words, Kalasha People in Chitral, Nuristan .
The Gypsies, Romany / English dictionary, History.
Early History of Indo-European Languages (Armenian view)
Brief history of Hindi (in French)

Hindi Humor
Desi Hindilish
Dialogs, cliches and insults
Pant's Filmi Dialogs & Ajit Jokes
Pant's Urdu Humor : Shayari
Bombay Hindi and other things.
Proverbs in Hindi
Amitabh says

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