Ibrahim Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur

Deccan, d. 1618

Translated by David Matthews

Ibrahim Adil Shah
This portrait was done for a book for Emperor Jahangir. A note mentions: "Ibrahim Adil Khan of Deccan, Prince of Bijapur, who through his knowledge of music brought fame to Deccan and enlightment to his people." It was painted live in 1610 by Farrukh Beg. Image provided by Raj Sawhney of Delhi.

bujaauuM diipak koM tarAsuuM diinkar aavegaa.
ghar ghar chhup rah jaasus sab sudh pahuMchaavegaa
poh phatii to dekh jaa Taak dhaavegaa

I'll put out the lamp, for the envious sun
Like a spy will take our news and run
Through every street and lane of the town
Beware lest he come to announce the dawn.

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