Tuesday, 11/18/2003

2:30-4:00 Session 4C Fast abstracts I

Security and Reliability: Techniques, Assurance and Modeling


    An Effective Low Cost Whitebox Approach to Construct System Level Test Vectors to Detect Buffer Overflow Defects, Joe Zhou, Christopher H Pham

    An Investigation of the Call Integrity of the Linux System, Dayle G. Majors

    Improving computer security through surreptitious engineering, Mark Feldman

    Modeling SITAR System Security, Dazhi Wang, Bharat B. Madan, Kishor S. Trivedi

    Marrying Software Fault Injection Technology Results with Software Reliability Growth Models, Jeffrey Voas, Norman Schneidewind

    Modeling Out Test Process to Meet Short Release Cycles, R. Karcich, Cangussu, Earl

    A measure to distinguish between a logistic curve model and a Gompertz curve model, Daisuke Satoh

    A Neural Network Approach For Long-Term Software MTTF Prediction, Susanta Patra

    Towards a Metric Suite for Early Software Reliability Assessment, Nachiappan Nagappan, Laurie Williams, Mladen Vouk

    Automated Event Tree Analysis from Scenario Specifications, Wei-Tek Tsai, Chun Fan, Ray Paul, Lian Yu

















Wednesday, 11/19/2003

3:30-5:00 9C. Fast Abstracts II

Network/Distributed systems reliability engineering; Validation/Verification

    Automated Source Code Verification and Policing in Complex Portable Software Development Environment, Sheng Li, Jun Xu, Lijun Deng

    Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Techniques for Object Oriented Software Systems, Khalid Lateef., Anthony Pratt

    Validating An Online Adaptive System Using Support Vector Machines, Yan Liu, Srikanth Gururajan, Bojan Cukic

    Perfectly Periodic Scheduling for Fault Avoidance in IEEE 802.11e in the Context of Home Networks, Niranjan Dhanakoti, Srividya Gopalan, Sridhar.V

    QoS Assurance of Next Generation Network (NGN) Applications, Swapna S. Gokhale

    Efficient Mapping of Real-Time Task Graphs on a Cluster with Processor Failures, Alaa Amin, Reda A. Ammar, Swapna S. Gokhale

    Reliable IP SoftPhone with Rapid Failure Detection, M. Karol, P. Krishnan, J. Jenny Li

    Performance Analysis of Voting Algorithms with Non-zero Network Delay and Site Processing Time, Yun Liu, Dongyan Chen, Kishor S. Trivedi

    Multi-approach Testing Methodology for Web Applications, Pulei Xiong, Robert L. Probert

    Handling Failures and DOS Attacks Using Network Device Groups, Ramkumar Chinchani, Suranjan Pramanik, Ashish Garg















Thursday, 11/20/2003

1:00-2:30 12C. Fast Abstracts III

Software Reliability: Architecture, Practice and tools

    Increasing Software Reliability through Use of Genericity, Thomas Schoebel-Theuer

    Evaluating Competing Dependability Concern Realizations in an Aspect-Oriented Modeling Framework , Robert B. France, Sudipto Ghosh, Indrakshi Ray, James M. Bieman, Geri Georg, Roger T. Alexander

    Evaluation of Fault Coverage for Digital System in Nuclear Power Plats using VHDL, Suk Joon KIM, Man Cheol Kim, Poong Hyun SEONG

    An Alternative Software Reliability Assessment, Herbert Hecht

    Less Intrusive Memory Leak Detection inside Kernel , Jun Xu, Xiangrong Wang, Christopher Pham

    Performance Test Automation within IBM Tivoli PACO, Andrew Rindos, Steve Woolet, Joseph L. Carter, Carol Ames, Xuemei Wu, Yasutaka Hirasawa, Rupinder Gill

    MSET Performance Optimization of Detection of Software Aging, Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Kenny Gross

    Extending the Traditional Operational Profile Model, Mechelle Gittens, Hanan Lutfiyya, Michael Bauer, Curtis Gittens

    Failures of GUI Tests on Different Computer Platforms, Lee White, Baowei Fei

    A Test Model for Software Development , Jozsef SZIRAY

3:00-4:30 13C. Fast Abstracts IV

Software Testing: Methodology, Effectiveness and Empirical Studies

    An Improved Test Generation Algorithm for Pair-Wise Testing, Soumen Maity, Amiya Nayak, Marzia Zaman, Nita Bansal, Alka Srivastava

    Automatic Test Sequences Generation from Models, Robert Busser, Mark Blackburn, Aaron Nauman

    Non-deterministic Testing of Concurrent Programs, Jeff Lei

    An Empirical Evaluation of Maintaining Evolving Component-based Software with the UML, Ye Wu, Jeff Offutt, Yuqin Ding

    MC/DC based estimation and detection of residual faults in PLC logic networks, Peter G Bishop

    An Industrial Case Study: Using CACC to Test Real-time Embedded Software, Jing Guan, Jeff Offutt

    Interaction Mutation Testing, Ahyoung Sung, Byoungju Choi

    Increasing Software Testability with Standard Access and Control Interfaces, Allen P. Nikora, Raphael R. Some, Yuval Tamir

    A Risk-based Regression Test Selection Strategy, Yanping Chen, Robert L. Probert

    An Instrumentation Engine for Dynamic Program Analysis, Atul N. Nulkar, Roger T. Alexander