Arti and Mangal Dip

Mangal- Dipa
A popular arti prayer, wishing bliss for everyone.

Lord! This is the auspicious lamp,
may those who perform arti live long.
On Diwali the houses are decorated
and gods rejoice in the heavens.
"Depal" says by this the family is blessed
and obstacles are overcome by worship by devotion.
"Depal" says that in these our times,
King Kumarpal performed the arti.
Let there be bliss in our house, your house
and in the entire chaturvidh sangh.

diivo re diivo prabhu ma.ngalik diivo,
aaratii utaaraN bahu chira.njiivo . diivo
sohaamaNu gher parv divaalii,
ambar khele amaraabaalii. diivo
"depaal" bhaNe eNe kul ajuvaale,
bhave bhagate vighn nivaarii. diivo 
"depaal" bhaNe eNe e kalikaale,
aaratii utaarii raajaa kumaarapaale. diivo
am gher ma.ngalik tum gher ma.ngalik,
ma.ngalik chaturvidh sa.ngh ne hojo. diivo

Arti/Mangal Dip