The account on this page occurs in the Svetambara tradition.

The Soul of Mahavira came to earth and was conceived in the womb of Brahmin lady named Devananda. After 82 days, the thirteenth day of month of Aaso, Saudharma Indra, King of Angels, was in his court. His throne started shaking, so he used his Avadhignan knowledge, a special mental power through which one can see things far distance, to see what was going on. He learned that Lord Mahavir's soul was conceived in Devananda's womb. For a moment, he was puzzled but then he realized that this was the result of Lord Mahavir's karmas from his previous life. He said to himself, "No, Tirthankar Bhagwan is ever born in low status family. This will not happen. I will exchange his soul to high status family."

Indra Saudharma summoned Angel Hari­naigamesin to his court. Indra commanded Angel Hari­naigamesin to transplant the fetus from the womb of Devananda to the womb of Queen Trishala, the wife of King Sidharth, and to put Queen Trishala's fetus in Devananda's womb.

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