Bahadur Shah "Zafar"
Last Mughal Emperor


The last descendent of Tamerlane to sit on the throne. The British had conquered almost all of India and in about 1857 had banished Zafar to Burma where he died remembering the motherland to his last breath.

lagataa nahii.n hai jii meraa
uja.De dayaar me.n
kis kii banii hai
aalam\-e\-naa\-paayedaar me.n

kah do in hasarato.n se
kahii.n aur jaa base.n
itanii jagah kahaa.n hai
dil\-e\-daaGadaar me.n

umr\-e\-daraaz ke
laaye the chaar din
do aarazU me.n kaT gaye
do i.ntazaar me.n

hai kitana badanasiib zafar
dafn ke liye
do gaz zamiin bhii na milii
kU\-e\-yaar me.n

My heart is not happy,
In this barren land
Who has ever felt fulfilled
In this temporary world

Please tell my emotions
to go away somewhere else
there is not enough room for them
in my sad heart

I had requested for a long life
a life of four days
Two were spent in praying
and two were spent in waiting

How unlucky Zafar is !
For his burial
he could'nt get even two yards of earth
in my beloved country.

Based on a post by Kashif N. Noorani (

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