CS 553: Class Schedule (Fall 2007)

Click on a lecture to get the slides. All project and homework files are in PDF format. Downloading the readings must be done from the csu domain. Each reading should be finished before the lecture with which it appears in the table.

Date Topic Reading Suggested Exercises Due
Aug 20 (M)  Introduction (PDF)   Ch. 1  Syllabus and Project 0  
Aug 22 (W)  Undergrad compilers review I (PDF)   Ch 2    
Aug 24 (F)  Undergrad compilers review II (PDF)    2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.3.1, and questions in lecture notes  
OOP and GC
Aug 27 (M)  Compiling OO languages (PDF)      
Aug 29 (W)  Garbage collection (PDF)   Garbage Collection Basics, Ch 7 especially Ch 7.6-7.6.3  7.4.1, 7.5.2, and questions in Sept 5th lecture notes  
Aug 31 (F)  Implementing Garbage Collection(PDF, Example)      Project 1
Sept 3 (M)  Labor Day -- No Class
Register Allocation and Instruction Scheduling
Sept 5 (W)  CFG and Liveness (PDF)   Ch 8.4, 9.2-9.25  8.4.1, 9.2.1, 9.2.3  
Sept 7 (F)  Register Allocation I (PDF)   Ch 8.8   8.8.1  
Sept 10 (M)  Register Allocation II (PDF)      
Sept 12 (W)  Register Allocation III (PDF)   [Briggs]  See Sept 14th slides  
Sept 14 (F)  Instruction Scheduling I (PDF)  Ch 10-10.3  See slides for exercises and 10.2.1, 10.2.3, and 10.3.2 in book  
Sept 17 (M)  Instruction Scheduling II (PDF)  Ch 10.4-10.7     Project 2
Data-Flow Analysis, Control-Flow Analysis, and Optimizations
Sept 19 (W)  Data-Flow Analysis (PDF)  Ch 9 through 9.2  From book 9.2.1, 9.2.2, 9.2.6  
Sept 21 (F)  Lattice Framework for Data-Flow Analysis (PDF)  Ch 9.3    
Sept 24 (M)  Lattice Framework for Data-Flow Analysis cont ...      
Sept 26 (W)  Optimizations using Data-Flow Analysis (PDF)  Ch 9.4    
Sept 28 (F)  At Conference -- No Class
Oct 1 (M)  Partial Redundancy Elimination (PDF)  Ch 9.5  9.5.1, 9.5.2  Project 3
Oct 3 (W)  Control-Flow, Loops, and Dominators (pdf)  Ch 9.6  9.6.1, 9.6.2, for both problems label the control flow graph with the terms header, preheader, exit node, exit edge, and back edge  
Oct 5 (F)  Finishing control flow      
Oct 8 (M)  Loop Invariant Code Motion (PDF)  Ch 9.1.7, pg. 641-642, handout    
Oct 10 (W)  Induction Variable Detection (PDF)  Ch 9.1.8    
Oct 12 (F)  Midterm Review      HW1 (PDF)
Oct 15 (M)  Midterm Exam (in class)
Static Single Assignment
Oct 17 (W)  Finish induction variable elimination   (1) Write a MiniJava program that benefits from induction variable elimination and show all the steps of performing it. What changes must you make to the Assem to make induction variable elimination work? (2) Perform strength reduction and induction variable elimination on Figure 9.3 in book.  
Oct 19 (F)  SSA (PDF)  Ch 6.2.4, [SSA]   Translate Figures 9.5 and 9.10 in book to SSA.  
Oct 22 (M)  Using SSA for Optimization (PDF)    Create an example that benefits from optimizations on SSA.  
Oct 24 (W)  Value Numbering (PDF)   [Alpern and Zadeck 1992]  See slides for suggested exercises.  
Parallelism and Locality
Oct 26 (F)  Parallelism and Locality (PDF)  Ch 11 through 11.2    
Oct 29(M)  Array Data Dependence Analysis (PDF)  Ch. 11.3-11.3.4, Ch 11.4-11.6  11.3.2, 11.3.3, 11.6.2, 11.6.5, examples in slides  
Oct 31 (W)  Loop transformations (PDF)  11.7.8    
Nov 2 (F)  Transformation Frameworks I (PDF)      Project 4
Nov 5 (M)  Transformation Frameworks II  [Kelly and Pugh 1993]    
Nov 7 (W)  Fourier-Motzkin Elimination (PDF)  Ch 11.3    
Nov 9 (F)  Parallelization (PDF)  Ch 11.7    
Nov 12 (M)  Parallelization cont ...      
Nov 14 (W)  Tiling (PDF)  book pgs. 877-880    
Nov 16 (F)  Run-time reordering transformations  [ Strout et al. 2003]    HW2
Nov 19 (M)  Fall Recess -- No Class
Nov 21 (W)  Fall Recess -- No Class
Nov 23 (F)  Fall Recess -- No Class
Interprocedural Analysis and Optimization
Nov 26 (M)  Interprocedural Analysis (PDF)  Ch 12 through 12.2    
Nov 28 (W)  Pointer and Alias Analysis I (PDF)  Ch 12.3, Ch 12.4    
Nov 30 (F)  Flow and Context Insensitive Alias Analysis (PDF)  Ch 12.5    
Dec 3 (M)  Context-sensitive Alias Analysis  Ch 12.6    
Emerging Topics
Dec 5 (W)  Beyond optimization - Bug Detection (PDF)  Finding Bugs is Easy by Hovemeyer and Pugh    
Dec 7 (F)  Wrap up (PDF)      HW3 (HW3)
Dec 11 (T)  Final Exam (1:30pm-3:30pm)

A number of these slides originated from a collaboration between Calvin Lin at the University of Texas and E Christopher Lewis at the University of Pennsylvania. They have been modified with their permission.

Michelle Strout
Last modified: December 7, 2007