Handy Python Scripts

Here are some Python scripts I use for running experiments and performing data analysis. Some of the scripts interface with MySQL. I use MySQL-python-0.9.1 to interface with MySQL through Python. Use these scripts at your own risk.

Given lists of parameter values for various command-line switches, this script will generate a script that calls an executable with all combinations of those command-line switches.
This script along with the create_rec.py and create_printf.py scripts use a foo.fields file. The idea is to have one text file describing a MySQL table. The create_table.py script has an example of a foo.fields file in its file header. It takes the foo.fields file and creates the specified MySQL table.
This script uses the same foo.fields file as used by create_table.py. create_printf.py generates C include files which declare, define, and then print out global variables for each field in the foo.fields file.
This script uses the foo.fields file and the data file generated by a program using the printf statment generated by create_printf to put all of the raw text data into the corresponding MySQL table.
Once all of the data is in MySQL, it is still useful to use Python for data analysis. This python module contains generally useful functions for making MySQL queries from Python. Here is an example script which uses util.py.

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