Cycle counting for SPIM 7.2.1

We use SPIM for the graduate compiler course at CSU. Francis Hsu provided a copy of Spim 6.5, which had been modified for use with Alex Aiken's COOL project. Their modifications count the number of instructions executed, reads, writes, and branches that occur within a Mips program as it is simulated with SPIM. I applied the same modifications to SPIM 7.2.1.

Example usage

% ./spim -keepstats file.s
SPIM Version 7.2.1 of August 28, 2005
Copyright 1990-2004 by James R. Larus (
All Rights Reserved.
See the file README for a full copyright notice.
Loaded: /usr/local/share/xspim/CPU/exceptions.s
Stats -- #instructions : 149
         #reads : 43  #writes 42  #branches 13  #other 51



Change Log

August 13, 2007:
Michelle Strout .... August 13, 2007