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Fall 2017 Big Data Research Group Lab meeting

Location: CSB452

Time: Every Friday 1:00 ~ 1:50PM

*Please send the title of your talk to the organizer(Sangmi Pallickara) by Wednesday of the week you have your presentation.

Date TypePresenter 1 Presenter 2
9/8 Reading groupMax Roselius Walid Budgaga
9/22 Research workshopMax RoseliusWalid Budgaga
9/29 Reading groupSaptasgwa MitraTAB
10/6 Research workshopWalid BudgagaTBA
10/13 Reading groupWalid BudgagaSaptasgwa Mitra
10/20 Research workshopWalid BudgagaTBA
10/27 Reading groupTBATBA
11/3 Research workshopSaptasgwa MitraSaptasgwa Mitra
11/17 Reading groupTBATBA
12/1 Research workshopMax RoseliusSaptasgwa Mitra

3/10: no meeting 3/17: Spring break 3/24: no meeting


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