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Spring 2014 Big Data Research Group Lab meeting

Location: CSB452

Time: Every Friday 11:00AM

*Please upload the title of your talk at least 24 hours before your presentation.

** Please upload your slides (pdf format) before your presentation

Date Literature Survey Research Presentation
1/16 Christopher Cirulli Jared Koontz
1/24 Christopher Cirulli Matthew Malensek
1/31 Chuanqi Huang Cameron Tolooee
2/7 Matthew Malensek Walid Budgaga
2/14 Chuanqi Huang Amila Shriarachchi
2/21 Jared Koontz Christopher Cirulli(L)
2/28 Cameron Tolooee Chuanqi Huang(L)
3/7 Walid Budgaga Chuanqi Huang(L)
3/14 Chuanqi Huang Karan Pardeshi(L)
3/21 Spring Break Spring Break
3/28 Chuanqi Huang Jared Koontz: TBA
4/4 Matthew Malensek Walid Budgaga
4/11 No Meeting
4/18 Jared Koontz
4/25 Cameron Tolooee
5/2 Chuanqi Huang

1/16/2014 (Thursday)

Literature Survey




Research Presentation

Presenter: Jared Koontz

Title: Visualization in Galileo

Slides: link


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