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Spring 2015 Big Data Research Group Lab meeting

Location: CSB305

Time: Every Friday 2:00 ~ 3:00PM

*Please send the title of your talk to the organizer(Cameron Tolooee) by Wednesday of the week you have your presentation.

Date Literature Survey Research Presentation Presentation (Lit/Res)
1/23 Jared Koontz Scheduling
D3: Data Driven Documents [slides]
1/30 Sagar Gaikwad Cameron Tolooee
LDHT: Locality-aware Distributed Hash Tables Mendel: A Distributed Storage System for Efficient Similarity Searches and Sequence Alignment
2/6 Ryan Stern Cameron Tolooee (Lit)
Heterogeneous Stream Processing for Disaster Detection and Alarming [slides] Cloud Computing and the DNA Data Race [slides]
2/13 Walid Budgaga Avinash Pallapu
Improving MapReduce Performance in Heterogeneous Environments [slides] Insider Threat Detection
2/20 Amila Suriarachchi Jared Koontz Khushboo Gupta
2/27 Walid Budgaga Rahul Shanbhog Matthew Malensek
3/6 Chuanqi Huang Jared Koontz
3/13 No Meeting
3/20 Spring Break No Meeting
3/27 Ryan Stern Chaunqi Huang Khushboo Gupta
4/3 Rahul Shanbhog Walid Budgaga Matthew Malensek
4/10 Avinash Pallapu Amila Suriarachchi Chuanqi Huang
4/17 Sagar Gaikwad (Lit) Khushboo Gupta
4/24 Cameron Tolooee Ryan Stern Matthew Malensek
5/1 Rahul Shanbhog Amila Suriarachchi Sagar Gaikwad (Res)
5/8 Avinash Pallapu Chuanqi Huang


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