Gabriel's FC2 SRPMs

Here's a list of packages I needed; I either made or fixed up Fedora Core 2 compatible RPMs for these:

VoIP software:

source:      binary:
flow-tools-0.67-1gls.src.rpm      flow-tools-0.67-1gls.i386.rpm, flow-tools-devel-0.67-1gls.i386.rpm
perl-Cflow-1.051-3gls.src.rpm      perl-Cflow-1.051-3gls.i386.rpm
perl-Net-Patricia-1.010-2gls.src.rpm      perl-Net-Patricia-1.010-2gls.i386.rpm
perl-Boulder-1.30-2gls.src.rpm      perl-Boulder-1.30-2gls.noarch.rpm
perl-ConfigReader-0.5-1gls.src.rpm      perl-ConfigReader-0.5-1gls.noarch.rpm
perl-HTML-Table-2.02-1gls.src.rpm      perl-HTML-Table-2.02-1gls.noarch.rpm
perl-XML-Simple-2.14-0gls.src.rpm      perl-XML-Simple-2.14-0gls.noarch.rpm
FlowScan-1.006-4gls.src.rpm      FlowScan-1.006-4gls.noarch.rpm
jkflow-3.4-0gls.src.rpm      jkflow-3.4-0gls.noarch.rpm

For VLC (see this page for the whole story):


Vpnc: (An open-source client to Cisco's 3000-series VPN concentrators -- the main addition I made was a red-hat-ish /etc/init.d/vpnc startup script and a sysconfig file to specify what to tunnel)

VICE: (emulator for the C64 and others; Fedora.US currently only has version 1.14; Also, I modified the "custom keys" for joystick2 on the C64 keymap to use arrow keys instead of the awkward "e,s,c,f" stuff)

Miscellaneous tools I like to use, but couldn't find FC2 packages:

To build these, run
rpmbuild --rebuild [--target i686] foo-bar.src.rpm

or drop me an email and I'll either build you binaries or upload them to this page...

Last Modified Apr. 28, 2005; Send corrections and comments to somlo [at] acns dot colostate dot edu