I am a PhD student supervised by Louis-Noel Pouchet in the Department of Computer Science at Colorado State University (CSU). My research is on machine learning techniques for syntactic understanding and generation of computer code. I'm also interested in AI safety and self-supervised learning. My recent work uses graph-to-sequence neural networks and transformer networks interacting with language grammars to find rewrite sequences proving program equivalence.

Prior to beginning my computer science PhD work, I worked in the field of computer hardware design attaining the level of Fellow design engineer at Advanced Micro Devices. I have 33 patents granted in the fields of computer graphics, system-on-chip design, silicon debugging, low-power processors, and asynchronous clocking techniques.

I am the Fort Collins contact for our monthly Machine Intelligence Research Institute workshop. We focus on both technical and social issues related to advancements in machine intelligence, with monthly topics tracked on our wiki site.

Contact: steve.kommrusch [ at ] gmail.com
Office: 335 Computer Science Building, Colorado State University