EGGNOG Dataset User Agreement

This data was collected at Colorado State University in accordance with IRB approval and procedures. It is being made available to promote research in areas related to gesture recognition and human-machine interaction. By consenting to this User Agreement you are agreeing to use this data for research purposes only.

This data is not to be re-distributed under any circumstances. By consenting to this User Agreement you agree to protect this data and also to avoid any action that may result in you or your organization becoming a secondary source for any or all the EGGNOG data. This prohibition includes not incorporating the EGGNOG dataset into any larger composite datasets beyond work carried out intirely in your own lab and under your own direct control.

We anticipate requests to use images and short video clips in research publications growing out of your work with this data. If you wish to include images or short video clips in a publication, including a website, then please ask CSU through the contacts listed on the dataset homepage.

As a courtesy to us, we ask that any published work that makes significant use of the EGGNOG dataset include a citation to the dataset. Specifically, a citation to: