Spring/Summer 2018

This page contains cumulative news items for the current semester. You can find the news from previous semesters in our news archives at the bottom of the page.

Associate Professor Shrideep Pallickara receives Online Innovative Educator Award

photo of Shrideep Pallickara

The CSU Online Innovative Educator (OLIE) Award is student nominated and recognizes a faculty member who has gone above and beyond to engage with students, exemplifying outstanding instruction and relationship building in an online or distance program. Student Joshua O’Dell nominated Shrideep for the award and explained that he had a major impact on his educational experience as an online student. O’Dell noted that, in addition to providing text-based materials, Shrideep delivered lectures for all of the online course content, which helped create a much more engaging learning experience.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

Department welcomes Craig Partridge as new chair this summer

photo of Craig Partridge

We are pleased to announce our new department chair, Craig Partridge, who will join us July 1. Craig received his Ph.D. in computer science from Harvard and has spent the past 35 years working for Raytheon BBN Technologies, most recently as chief scientist for networking research. He is a member of the National Science Foundation’s Computer, Information Science and Engineering Advisory Committee; a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Computer Science and Telecommunications Board for the National Research Council; and served as chair of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Data Communications. In addition, he has held adjunct faculty positions at Stanford University and the University of Michigan and is a fellow of the IEEE and the ACM. In 2017, Craig was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

For more information, please read the CSU SOURCE article.

Nirmal Prajapati receives 2018 Wim Bohm and Partners Ph.D. award

photo of Nirmal Prajapati

Congratulations to Nirmal Prajapati whose research involves building analytical cost models and using them to design highly time and energy efficient accelerators for domain specific applications.

Read more about the Wim Bohm and Partners Ph.D. Award

New major in data science beginning fall 2018

photo of data

The College of Natural Sciences is launching an interdisciplinary major in Data Science beginning this fall. This program is the first of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. The major will offer 10 new dedicated data science courses – ranging from data wrangling to data graphics and visualization to a group capstone project. It will also give majors a broad foundation in computer science, mathematics and statistics. Experts estimate a shortage of more than 1 million data scientists, making people trained in this field in high demand. We are eager to collaborate with the college and the departments of mathematics and statistics to make this new program successful.

Interested in the Data Science program? For more information, visit the data science homepage and read the CSU SOURCE article.

Assistant Professor Louis-Noel Pouchet receives NSF CAREER award

photo of Louis-Noel Pouchet

Congratulations to Louis-Noel Pouchet who has been awarded a five-year NSF CAREER grant for the project: Staging Compilers for Heterogeneous Platforms. Pouchet's project aims to deliver a complete system to efficiently compile key computation patterns from image processing and deep learning algorithms on heterogeneous multiprocessors System-on-Chips. He proposes to develop performance contracts for various compilation stages: a notion of guarantee that if the compiler receives a source program fitting specific semantics and syntactic restrictions, then a high-performance implementation will be produced as an output. The project combines automatic program generation and deep learning techniques to automatically deduce these performance contracts, along with new polyhedral compilation techniques to further improve the program performance and energy consumption. The goal of this research is to increase developers’ productivity by reducing the need for manual code optimization. This is accomplished by enabling a single source program to generate efficient code for multiple hardware targets, such as smartphones and tablets, where power consumption is a key factor. Dr. Pouchet will also leverage this project to develop several educational initiatives: a tutorial series on using optimizing compilers, a MOOC on polyhedral compilation, a co-tutelle academic partnership with INRIA in France, and graduate and undergraduate courses in compiler optimization. Graduate students interested in participating in this innovative research may contact Dr. Pouchet directly.

Department welcomes new faculty and staff

We are pleased to welcome the following new faculty and staff:

photo of Vinayak Prabhu

Dr. Vinayak Prabhu is an assistant professor with research interests in cyber-physical systems, formal methods, hybrid systems, verification and control. Prior to joining CSU, Dr. Prabhu completed postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. Dr. Prabhu received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

photo of Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a new student staff assistant in the main office. Reed is from Austin, Texas and is a sophomore majoring in human development and family studies with a concentration in early childhood professions.

photo of Catherine Turner

Catherine Turner is a new student staff assistant in the main office. Catherine is from Santa Fe, Texas and is a senior majoring in human resources. Catherine is interested in working abroad after graduation. She also loves dogs!

Congratulations fall 2017 graduates

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their degrees in Fall 2017:

Doctor of Philosophy

Kirill A. Belyaev, On Component-oriented Access Control in Lightweight Virtualized Server Environments.

Master of Science

Subhojeet Mukherjee, Tomojit Ghosh, Chuanqi Huang, Swapnil Sneham, Alex M. Fout, Andres Calderon Jaramillo

Master of Computer Science

Stephen Rhoads, Christopher Kirby, Jeffrey M. Bush, Deepak R. Aravindakshan,
Roger D. Marquez, Kishore Hulikere Sampathkumar, Nimrata Singh, Dipesh Gogia

Bachelor of Science

Zachary L. Cutler, Luke R. Donnelly, Timothy H. Alexander, Bradley A. Wirtz, Chad M. Eitel, Alexander C. Yaeger, Kenneth W. Brown,
Cody J. Myer, Colleen M. DiCesare, Wesley S. Turner, Mohammed A. Alfayez, Christopher T. Cochran, Jeremy T. Green, Warren M. Oster,
Lawrence B. Finnerty, Yaowei Zong, Joel A. Eshun, Adam T. Trout, Daniel J. Lund, Torry M. Brelsford, Connor J. Shilling, Mauricio A. Munoz,
Hunter G. Hughes, Andrew B. Pyles, Kelten C. Tschanz, Austin Hunting, Roger D. Hannagan, Kenneth S. Conner, Matthew W. Ver Duft,
Tanner W. Pflager, Aaron W. Colborg, Benjamin J. Campbell, Spencer C. Lofing, Derek Strobel, Anthony M. Super, John T. Weidenfeller,
Matthew J. Runyan, Todd A. Worcester, Nathaniel M. Cimino, Joseph Griffith, Muhammad R. Ahmad, Quinn H. Vali, Matthew J. Hehn

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