Industry Partners


The Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board exists to facilitate communication and collaboration with industry concerning the educational and research mission of the Computer Science Department at Colorado State University. Many members of the Advisory Board hire graduates of the Computer Science Department and share a common interest in our goal of recruiting and training talented students at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The Board can provide practical suggestions and objective assessment of the educational efforts of the department in pursuit of its goal of providing students with a balanced and well rounded foundation in computer science, critical thinking and communication skills. The Board should expedite collaboration in research and technology transfer activities by communicating needs and opportunities between its members and the Department.


We offer two levels of IAB participation: IAB Partner and IAB Member. Services and fees differ for each level of participation.

Member Benefits:

Additional Benefits for Partners:

Membership Fees

IAB Partner:

IAB Member: $0 (no fee)

Membership Roster

Lockheed Martin Hewlett-Packard (HPE & HPI) Schneider Electric NVIDIA CenturyLink
MITRE Corporation KinetX Xilinx Decisions, LLC West-Tek Consulting
Denovo Archerfish Technologies TerraFrame Numerica Netapp
CA Technologies IBM ISSA Integware Total Benchmark Solution
CableLabs Jeppesen