Welcome to the Colorado State University Planning Domain/Problem Repository

With the planning competitions gaining prominence, AI planner evaluation is becoming increasingly sophisticated. A variety of domain/problem descriptions have been developed to facilitate empirical comparisons.

This repository will collect together many of the planning benchmarks. Most have been provided in planner distributions and used in planner evaluations and competitions. Some were obtained from the developers directly to facilitate cross planner comparison. We invite contributions from the community. Please contact howe at cs.colostate.edu if you wish to have your domain/problems included.

Each collection is described separately with information on its original site and its purpose. Domains/problems can be downloaded as a package or individuals. Each page also includes results either from published sites or results that we have obtained at CSU for the problems on specific planners (see next).

This project grew out of a large study of comparative planner evaluation:
A Critical Assessment of Benchmark Comparison in Planning by A.E. Howe and E. Dahlman. In Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol. 17, pp. 1-33, July 2002.
This project was funded in part by grant IIS-0138690 from the National Science Foundation.

Links to Collections:

Storage Technology Robot Tape Library Testing
Application developed at Colorado State University for automatically generating software test cases
AIPS 1998 Competition Domains
Includes the following domains: grid, gripper, logistics, movie, mprime, mystery
AIPS 2000 Planning Competition Domains
Includes the following domains: blocks, elevator, freecell, logistics, schedule
AIPS 2002 Planning Competition Domains
Includes the following domains: depots, driverlog, freecell, rovers, satellite, settlers, umt2, zeontravel
ICAPS 2004 Planning Competition Domains
Includes the following domains: airport, promela, satellite, pipesworld, psr, settlers
Benchmark Problems from UCPOP Distribution
Includes the following domains: art, art-1d, art-1d-rd, art-md, art-md-ns, art-md-ns-rd, art-md-rd, blocks-world, briefcase, d1s1, eight, ferry, fridge, homeowner, logistics, meet-pass, molgen, monkey, montlake, morris, mystery, occam, safety-domain, tire-world, trains, transplan, travel, truckworld, woodshop


This research was made possible by National Science Foundation grant IIS-0138690. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. The PI for the grant is Adele Howe. Graduate students who worked on the problem generation and planning evaluation at various times (from oldest to most recent) were: Rick Mraz, Michael Scheetz, Eric Dahlman, Clayton Daylin and Tim Fluharty. The page was originally produced by Paul Selby.

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