CS555: Distributed Systems

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The weights associated with different elements of the course are listed below

Course Element Weight
Programming assignments (4) 55%
  HW1 10
  HW2 20
  HW3 15
  HW4 10
Term Project & Report 35%
  Proposal 5
  Software & Demo 15
  Report 10
  Final presentation 5
Quizzes 10%


Letter grades will be based on the following standard breakpoints: >= 90 is an A, >= 88 is an A-, >=86 is a B+, >=80 is a B, >=78 is a B-, >=76 is a C+, >=70 is a C, >=60 is a D, and <60 is an F. I will not cut higher than this, but I may cut lower.

There is no extra credit.






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