CS655: Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems [Fall 2013]

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This course requires you to submit 8 critical reviews for papers. You are also require to decide the area in which you will be doing your project/term-paper. You will also be required to lead presentations of papers.

Critical Reviews:
  • This is around 2 pages
    • 1’ margins, Times Roman 11, and single-spaced
  • The objective is not to defend the paper
    • Poke and probe this paper to see if (where and when) things fall apart
  • Include a 1 paragraph (¼ page) summary of the key concepts in the paper
    • This is not a rewording of the abstract of the paper
    • This something that your peers who have also read the paper can appreciate
  • Identify the crux of this paper
    • And also the trade-off space within which proposed solution will work
  • What are the possible inefficiencies in this approach?   
    • How can we address them?
    • Construct situations that cause things to break
  • If you could redesign components, how would you?
  • What are the possible extensions to this work?
    • It is OK to come in from left-field and propose significant changes

Critical Review Submissions:
The critical review must include your name and should be submitted via e-mail as a PDF document.
The file naming convention is: CR<reviewnumber>_<FirstnameLastname>_<AbbrevOfPaperTitle>.pdf
e.g. CR1_JohnSmith_GFS.pdf or CR2_JohnSmith_Dynamo.pdf

These submissions should be received at 11:59 am on the first day of the paper discussion.


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