CS 670: Special Topics in Architecture/Systems {Distributed Systems}

[Grading Scheme]


             {Weights}   {Cutoffs}   {Class Participation}   {Conduct & Policies}

Weights for Course Elements

The weights associated with different elements of the course are listed in the table below

Course Element Weight
Projects 55%
  First Assignment   10%
  Second Assignment   10%
  Third Assignment   10%
  Fourth Assignment   10%
  Final Project   15%
Critical Review of Papers 20%
Leading discussion on one of the papers 15%
Class Participation 10%



Cutoffs for the grades are listed below. The instructor reserves the right to make adjustments to these cutoffs.

Grade Cutoff range
A 91 points and above
A- and B+ 90-80 points
B- and C+ 79-70 points


Class Participation
You are expected to read every paper that will be reviewed. In some cases, a critical review of the paper will need to be submitted prior to the paper discussion. You must have at least one question that contributes to discussions in the class.


All students are expected to be familiar with the policies in the department's student information sheet available here.








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