CS414DL 2009


General Information






Summary of grading criteria:

  • 5% - Quizzes
  • 45% - Homework assignments
  • 5% - Discussion participation
  • 22.5% - Midterm
  • 22.5% - Final

Final letter grades will be based on the relative distribution of total scores and not on any preset numerical grade.


Several quizzes will be given on RamCT throughout the semester to help you apply the course material to short exercises.


Assignments will be of two types. Each assignment needs to be turned in electronically by 11:59 pm on the due date.

There will be a couple of programming assignments that involve writing code to implement requirements and use design patterns, and also writing code to implement test cases.

There will be a long project with several deliverables including requirements, use cases, domain models, design models, program code, and test code. This will be done as an iterative project with code due several times during the semester.

Ideally, this project should be done as a team. However, since we know it is difficult for distance learning students to work in a team, they will do this project individually. However, students still have the option of working on a team project, but our expectations with respect to the application's features will be higher.


Students must actively participate in the discussion forums on RamCT. Merely having one sentence that says, for example, "I agree with everyone", is not enough to get a grade.


There are two exams (midterm and final). Students can expect to have about 6 days to write their answers.

Exam Date Material
Midterm Around weeks 7-8, Oct. 9-15:
exact dates will be announced later
Material covered until October 9
Final Around week 16 and finals week:
exact dates will be announced later.

Last updated: May 22, 2009