Advanced Fault Tolerant Computing
Fall 2012


Instructor: Yashwant K. Malaiya, Professor
Office: 356 CSB
Office Hours: T,Th 11:00-11:50

Text:We will use material from several books, recent publications and reports.Some of the conferences, journals & books in this field.

On-line resources

Objectives: The course involves study of emerging and unexplored topics in highly reliable and secure computing. Each student will

o   Read and discuss assigned papers in the class

o   Exhaustively search and identify the key the sources of information (journals, conference proceedings, technical press, and technical reports)

o   Give class presentations based on the literature found, as well as one’s own work on a specific project.

The project will require original research contributions. Active participation in class discussions is required from all students, including critiquing the work of fellow students and giving suggestions.

Evaluation: Distribution of points:

Date Needed
Sept 17Project proposal
Oct 29Progress report
Nov 26Final draft report
Dec 11Final report

Grading: The grades are defined in this way:

A Excellent
A- Very Good
B+ Good
B Satisfactory
Else Bad
I For exceptional cases only

Please see the Student Information Sheet for departmental policies.

Outline: The course focuses on techniques for achieving very high reliability in computation. Topics of interest include recent advances in systems, software, hardware in the field of testing, reliability evaluation and fault tolerance. Students will be required to research specific fields, locate relevant articles, make technical presentations and participate in discussions. There will be research assignments that will require students to investigate unsolved technical problems. Here is a  list of topics: