CS451: Operating Systems [Spring 2010]

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The weights associated with different elements of the course are listed below.
FINAL-COURSE letter grades

Course Element Weight
Assignments 50%
Quizzes 10%
Term Paper 10%
Mid Term 10%
Final Exam 20%

Final letter grades will be based on the relative distribution of total scores and not on any preset numerical scale.

If your cumulative score is 95 points or higher, you are assured of an A. If your cumulative score is 94 points or lower, your grade will be based on the distribution.

There is no extra credit.

Honors Students:
If you decide to take this course with an honors option you will be required to do additional assignments. For these assignments you will be graded based on deductions towards your final course grade. So, the best you can do for these additional assignments is get a zero deduction.

These additional assignments will account for 12 points towards your course grade. Once you have signed up for the honors option, you cannot un-honor it. It is possible that your performance on these additional assignments will adversely affect your course grade. For e.g. you might have a total score of 95 based on the regular course work (this would have assured you an A), but if you have 10 point deductions on your honors assignments your cumulative score would be 85, which is what will be used to determine your final letter grade.



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