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Running AlphaZ from Command Line

Although AlphaZ is mainly designed to be used from Eclipse, it is sometime desirable to run the compiler scripts from command line.



${ECLIPSE} -application fr.irisa.r2d2.gecos.framework.compiler -c ${SCRIPT} -data ${WORKSPACE} -noSplash

The above bash script is a template that you can use to execute compiler scripts (.cs files) from command line.

It executes eclipse in “Eclipse Application” mode, using the application defined in the fr.irisa.r2d2.gecos.framework.compiler plug-in. The gecos compiler application is the engine that executes compiler scripts, and this is actually (more or less) what is happening behind the scenes when you run compiler scripts from Eclipse.

-c ${SCRIPT} is input argument to the gecos compiler, giving the script to execute.

Since Eclipse Application is another instance of Eclipse being launched, a workspace needs to be specified. This workspace has nothing to do with the workspace you have for your eclipse projects. In fact, you should NOT give the path to the workspace with your projects.

-noSplash option removes the Eclipse loading screen while launching Eclipse.

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