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Schedule : Spring 2020

This is the tentative schedule of Mélange group for the Spring 2020 semester.

1 01/21/2020 Intro meeting
2 01/28/2020 Structural Language Models for Any-Code Generation Steve Kommrusch
3 02/04/2020 Polynomial Code Generation Louis Narmour
4 02/11/2020 Hierarchical DAG Scheduling for Hybrid Distributed Systems Alexandre
5 02/18/2020 A Tropical Semiring Multiple Matrix-Product Library on GPUs: a step towards RNA-RNA Interaction Computations (PDF sent in email on 2/13) Brandon
6 02/25/2020 Irregular Computations Louis-Noel Pouchet
7 03/03/2020 No meeting
8 03/10/2020 The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: A pragmatic guide to assessing empirical evaluations. Louis-Noel and Sanjay
9 03/17/2020 Spring Break - no meeting
10 03/24/2020 Stripe: Tensor Compilation via the Nested Polyhedral Model Chiranjeb Mondal
11 03/31/2020
12 04/07/2020
13 04/14/2020 Glow: Graph Lowering Compiler Techniques for Neural Networks: Louis Narmour
14 04/21/2020 Project status - BP Part. Chiranjeb Mondal
15 04/28/2020 Co-optimizing memory-level parallelism and cache-level parallelism: Brandon Gildemaster
16 05/05/2020
17 05/12/2020 Final exams - no meeting

Previous Semesters, including legacy reading lists

Standard paper study questions

  1. Write a short (max 5 sentences) summary of the paper.
  2. What is the problem addressed in the paper?
  3. Why is the problem important?
  4. How do the authors address the problem?
  5. How do they evaluate their approach?
  6. What is the punch-line (key cool idea, or “what I got out of this paper”)? This is often different for different people and different from what the authors may have intended.
  7. Make a list of deeper questions that you would like discussed in the meeting.

Google Hangouts

If you anticipate calling in to the meeting instead of attending in person, perform these setup and test steps ideally by Friday the week before the meeting:

  1. In the upper right of the window (next to the 3×3 menu grid symbol) will be an icon for your login; you can login to GH with a gmail account, or you can use “<username>”. Other accounts may work; I haven’t tested those.
  2. SEND STEVE A TEST CHAT: in the “Enter name, email, or phone” window, enter ‘’ then send me ‘Hi Steve’ in the message window and I’ll reply sometime during the next day.

Reading Pool in addition to presented papers above

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