CS Colloquium (BMAC)

The Department of Computer Science of Colorado State University, in cooperation with ISTeC (Information Science and Technology Center), offers the CS Colloquium series as a service to all who are interested in computer science. When in-person meetings are possible, most seminars are scheduled for Monday 11:00AM -- 11:50AM in CSB 130 or Morgan Library Event Hall. For help finding the locations of our seminar meetings, consult the on-line CSU campus

For questions about this page or to schedule talks, please contact Louis-Noel Pouchet (pouchet AT colostate dot edu). Here is a list of past seminar schedules.

CS692 information for students is available directly on Canvas.


Upcoming Events

CS Colloquium Schedule, Fall 2020


cs Computer Science Department Colloquium
CS Faculty Rapid-Fire Presentations of Current Research: Q&A, first session

Speaker: Computer Science Faculty, Colorado State University

When: 11:00AM ~ 11:50AM, Monday August 31, 2020
Where: CSB 130 map

Abstract: CS Faculty answers questions about their research, and opportunities in their research group for students at CSU.